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Rossi was not equal in Brno

the Twelfth stage of the World championship on shossejno - to ring motorcycle races - Gran - at Czechia, played today in Brno, legendary Valentino Rossi (Valentino Rossi) has won. It has passed all distance for 43:28. 841.
the Second place was occupied with Spaniard Tony Elias (Toni Elias) from Team Alice. Its time - 43:43. 845. The third veteran MotoGP Italian Loris Kapirossi (Loris Capirossi) from Rizla Suzuki - 43:50 finished. 530.
the General total table looks as follows:
Rezultaty Gran - at Czechia, royal a class:
1. Valentino Rossi (Italy) - 43:28. 841
2. Sink Elias (Spain) - 43:43. 845
3. Loris Kapirossi (Italy) - 43:50. 530
4. Sinja Nakano (Japan) - 43:54. 700
5. Anthony Uest (Australia) - 43:58. 306
6. Chris Vermjulen (Australia) - 43:59. 449
7. Marko Melandri (Italy) - 44:05. 294
8. Alex de Andzhelis (the Dignity - Marino) - 44:05. 591
9. Andrea Doviziozo (Italy) - 44:07. 663
10. Horhe Lorenso (Spain) - 44:08. 414
11. John Hopkins (USA) - 44:08. 451
12. Silvejn Gvintoli (France) - 44:09. 733
13. James Touzlend (Great Britain) - 44:40. 331
14. Kolin Edwards (USA) - 44:49. 974
15. Tributes Pedrosa (Spain) - 45:05. 879
16. Rendi de Pune (France) - 45:07. 248
Not classified:
- Casey Stouner (Australia)
should be noticed once again that results of race have appeared rather and rather unexpected. In - the first, certainly, that the basic contender Rossi the Australian of Casey has withdrawn for 15 circles to finish Stouner (Casey Stoner) from Ducati was unexpected. As a result he has not earned following the results of race of any point. Stouner already had approximately polutorasekundnoe advantage before Rossi to the sixth circle, but on new asphalt has managed to lose control over a forward wheel and to leave in gravel.
as a result of Rossi not only has won race, but also has increased the separation from the nearest persecutor in the general standings exactly twice - with 25 to 50 points.
places on a podium for Kapirossi became not less unexpected and Eliasa - for each of them it is the first podium in a current season.
from first ten eight pilots (taken places with 1 on 8) go by rubber Bridgestone, and only two - the ninth and the tenth (and Lorenso) use Doviziozo Michelin.
Thus, now the situation in the general offset develops as follows.
on the first place with the big separation there is a legendary motorcycle racer, star MotoGP, the fivefold world champion in royal Class, 29 - summer Italian Valentino Rossi (Valentino Rossi) - at it after 12 stages of 237 points.
on the second place there is an operating world champion, 22 - the summer Australian of Casey to Stouner (Casey Stoner) from Ducati - at it on - former 187 points. Thus, rupture between Stounerom and Rossi has increased after Gran - at Czechia to 50 points.
the third place Spaniard Dani Pedrosa (Dani Pedrosa) from Repsol occupies Honda, from it following the results of twelve last stages 172 points.
the fourth place - for the youngest participant of operating structure MotoGP Spaniard Horhe Lorenso (Jorge Lorenzo) from Fiat Yamaha. At it following the results of the last races of 120 points.
closes the first five on - former Andrea Doviziozo`s Italian (Andrea Dovizioso) from JiR Scot Team - at it now 110 points.
on the sixth place of standings there is American Kolin Edwards (Colin Edwards), command Yamaha Tech3. At it 102 points.
the Seventh place and 99 points - at Australian Chris Vermjulena (Chris Vermeulen) from Rizla Suzuki.
the eighth place - on - former for Niki Hejdenom from Repsol Honda though he also did not participate in last race in Czechia. Following the results of 12 stages at it 84 points.
on the ninth place in the general offset Japanese Sinja Nakano (Shinya Nakano) from San Carlo Honda Gresini - at it 83 points has risen now from the tenth after the Czech stage.
on the tenth place from the eleventh there was veteran MotoGP, 35 - summer Italian Loris Kapirossi (Loris Capirossi), acting nowadays for Rizla Suzuki. At it 77 points.
from the ninth at once on the eleventh place British James Touzlend (James Toseland) from Yamaha Tech3, at it 75 points has fallen.
despite the second place in Gran - at Czechia on - former on the twelfth position of the general offset there is Spaniard Tony Elias (Toni Elias) from Team Alice. At it 66 points.
the Thirteenth - Alex de Andzhelis (Alex de Angelis) from the Dignity - Marino, command San Carlo Honda Gresini. At it 49 points.
the fourteenth - Frenchman Silvejn Gvintoli (Sylvain Guintoli), command Team Alice. At it 42 points.
the fifteenth - the workmate of Casey Stounera at the command of Ducati Italian Marko Melandri (Marco Melandri), at it 41 point.
the sixteenth - Frenchman Rendi de Pune (Randy de Pugniet), Honda LCR command. At it 40 points.
the seventeenth - American John Hopkins (John Hopkins), command Kawasaki Racing Team. At it now 37 points.
the eighteenth place and 33 points - at the Australian Anthony Uesta (Anthony West), command Kawasaki Racing.
the Nineteenth place and 10 points (following the results of two races - in Great Britain and in the USA) - at American Ben Spajza (Ben Spies), supporting Rizla Suzuki.
the Twentieth place and 5 points (following the results of one race in the USA) - at American Dzhejmi Hekinga (Jamie Hacking), supporting Kawasaki.
the Twenty first place and 2 points (following the results of only one race in Italy, in which it has taken part) - at Japanese Tadajuki Okada (Tadayuki Okada), command Repsol Honda Team.
In a cup of designers results of eleven races of a season of 2008 look so: the first place at Yamaha - 266 points; on the second place after a stage in Czechia left Ducati - 212 points; on the third place has fallen Honda (210 points); the fourth place at Suzuki (128 points) and the fifth at Kawasaki - 63 points. We will remind that in a cup of designers points are awarded only for the best result shown by one racer on a motorcycle of this or that mark.
in command offset the first five looks as follows: Ahead on - to former Fiat Yamaha Team (357 points of Lorenso and Rossi), on the second place Repsol Honda (256 points of Pedrosy and Hejdena), on the third place Ducati (228 points of Stounera and Melandri), on the fourth place from the fifth command Rizla Suzuki (178 points of Vermjulena, Kapirossi and Spajza) has risen. On the fifth place from the fourth command Yamaha Tech3 (177 points of Touzlenda and Edwards) has fallen. On the sixth place San Carlo Honda Gresini (132 points de Andzhelisa and Nakano). On the seventh place JiR Scot Team (110 points of Doviziozo). On the eighth place Team Alice (108 points of Eliasa and Gvintoli). On the ninth place Kawasaki Racing (Hopkins`s 75 points, West and Hekinga). On the tenth place of Honda LCR (40 points de Pune).
we Will notice that on Valentino Rossi`s account following the results of twelve races of a season of 2008 - five victories, four second a place, the one third, one fifth and one eleventh places. On the account of Stounera - four first a place, two silver the medals, two Bronze the one sixth, one eleventh places and two finishes without points. On Dani Pedrosy account - two first a place, three second, three third, one fourth, one fifteenth and two finishes without points.
all in calendar MotoGP - 2008 remains six races. The following stage will pass in the Dignity - Marino - Gran - at will be already played on a track in Mizano in two weeks - 29 - on August, 31st. A track in Mizano - a traditional venue of Gran - at Republic the Dignity - Marino. Length of a line - 4 180 metres, width - 12 metres. On a track of 16 turns - 10 right and 6 left. The longest direct site - 565 metres. The line is constructed in 1969 and modernised in 2007. The record of passage of a track belongs to the Australian of Casey to Stouneru and has been established by it in 2007 - 1:33. 918.
last year Gran - at the Dignity - Marino (GP Cinzano Di San - Marino E Riviera Di Rimini) has won Casey Stouner, the second was Chris Vermjulen, and the third John Hopkins. Valentino Rossi that year has withdrawn, and Dani Pedrosa has not passed also one circle.
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