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Isinbaeva has ruined the World championship

On Monday, on August, 17th, in the World championship on track and field athletics in Berlin it has been played six complete sets of awards.
in   a throwing of a hammer at men a victory a victory the representative of Slovenia celebrated Primosh Kozmus which have sent a shell on 80. 84 m. On the second step of a podium the most experienced Pole Shimon Tsiolkovski has risen, and the bronze medal has gone to Russia thanks to Alexey Zagornogo`s throw on 78. 09 m. One more Russian Igor Vinichenko and has not managed to make any productive attempt.
competitions in pole vaults at women have ended with the present sensation. Great Elena Isinbaeva did not leave on start up to height 4. 75 m. without having overcome a lath from the first attempt, the Russian has transferred two remained approaches on 4. 85, however could not fix necessary height, becoming a victim of own self-confidence. Pole Anna Rogovska who has subdued height 4 became the world champion as a result. 75 m. The second place was divided one more representative of Poland by Monika Pyrek and the American of Chelsea Johnson.
Russian Anna The Fifth has won a bronze medal in a threefold jump at women, having passed forward two Cubans of Mabel the Gay and Jargeris Savine who became the world champion. One more representative of Russia Tatyana Lebedev who was traumatised on the eve of start in a world championship, has shown only the sixth result.
the Olympic champion and the world record-holder in run on 3000 m with obstacles at Gulnara Galkin`s women - Samitova has not got to a three of prize-winners of the Berlin World championship, having taken the fourth place. One more Russian Julia Zarudneva has come to finish of the second, having outstripped the Kenyan sportswoman, well and the first place has got to skilled Spaniard Martha Dominges.
Kenenisa Bekele from Ethiopia became the world champion on a distance of 10 000 m, in brilliant style having broken a record of the World championships. The second became eritreets to Zersenaj Tadese, bronze at Kenyan Mozesa Ndiema Masai.
At last, the representative of Jamaica of Shelley - Ann Frezer with result 10. 73 has won on a hundred-metre race at women. On two 100-th the compatriot has lagged behind Kerron Stewart, American Karmelita Dzheter has closed a three of the strongest.
Berlin (Germany). The World championship. On August, 17th
Men. A hammer throwing. The ending
1. Primosh Kozmus (Slovenia) - 80. 84 m
2. Shimon Tsiolkovski (Poland) - 79. 30
3. Alexey Zagornyj (Russia) - 78. 09
12. Igor Vinichenko (Russia) - without result
Women. Pole vaults. The ending
1. Anna Rogovska (Poland) - 4. 75 m
2. Monika Pyrek (Poland) - 4. 65
2. Chelsea Johnson (USA) - 4. 65
7. Tatyana Polnova (Russia) - 4. 40
9. Alexander Kirjashova (Russia) - 4. 40
11. Elena Isinbaeva (Russia) - without result
12. Julia Golubchikova (Russia) - without result
Women. A threefold jump. The ending
1. Jargeris Savine (Cuba) - 14. 95 m
2. Mabel the Gay (Cuba) - 14. 61
3. Anna The Fifth (Russia) - 14. 58
6. Tatyana Lebedev (Russia) - 14. 37
Women. 3000 m with obstacles. The ending
1. Martha Dominges (Spain) - 9:07. 32
2. Julia Zarudneva (Russia) - 9:08. 39
3. Mika Chemos Chejva (Kenya) - 9:08. 57
4. Gulnara Galkin - Samitova (Russia) - 9:11. 09
Men. 10 000 m
1. Kenenisa Bekele (Ethiopia) - 26:46. 31 (a record of the World championships)
2. Zersenaj Tadese (Eritrea) - 26:50. 12
3. Mozes Ndiema Masai (Kenya) - 26:57. 39
20. Anatoly Rybakov (Russia) - 28:42. 28
Women. 100 m. the Ending
1. Shelley - Ann Frezer (Jamaica) - 10. 73
2. Kerron Stewart (Jamaica) - 10. 75
3. Karmelita Dzheter (USA) - 10. 90