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The Russian mountain skiers are expected by revolution

On Wednesday, on September, 17th, in Moscow has passed a press - a briefing of a management of Federation of mountain skiing and a snowboard of Russia (FGSSR). President Andrey Bokarev and vice-president Dmitry Svishchev have told to journalists about priorities of work of federation for the nearest season, and also on more long-term prospect.
first of all, the vice-president of federation of mountain skiing and a snowboard Dmitry Svishchev has told about the main event of a forthcoming season which will pass for the first time in history . This event which means revolution in our mountain skiing - the head has intrigued all with the first phrase. Also has there and then explained: It is the organisation and carrying out in Moscow of a stage of a World Cup on mountain skiing. Namely: in discipline a slalom - the giant... The decision to spend to Russia a World Cup stage is accepted the International federation of skiing (FIS) for the first time in history... On it there will arrive all best mountain skiers of the world - the head has noted.
according to Dmitry Svishcheva, the World Cup stage will pass   on January, 2nd, 2009, and its organisation will demand extreme efforts - in particular, erections of artificial mountain in height of 50 metres. I can tell that it is the most complicated technological process: to construct mountain in height of 50 metres. It, of course, not so is easy. As we build it out of the blue - because any of the mountains which are available in Moscow, does not approach. We wanted more cheaply - to save - and to spend on already existing hills of Moscow. But has approached nothing. Peredelkino, anything .
it is curious that, according to the vice-president, considering a variant with building artificial mountains FIS had no objection to spend the given stage of a World Cup on... Red Square: Give them Necessarily Lenin mountains, a platform before the Moscow State University, and it is even better - Red Square. We, of course, too wanted to make Red Square, but as it is height of 50 metres, and all will be looked through and exposed to fire there - therefore the certain organisations to us have told that it is impossible to make it. Therefore the Moscow State University - an excellent place. We will spend there - Svishchev has told.
As to technical details of the project, they the following: Competitions on a slalom become unique event. It will be mountain in height 50 both width 30 and length of 148 metres. This serious technological construction which is under construction of special designs, on - simple speaking, building woods - which will be strengthened under high and powerful constructions. That maintained loading on one square metre was not less than one ton. It allows to do a snow cover by thickness of one and a half metre and to hold various competitions - the vice-president has noted.
it is interesting that after carrying out of a stage of a World Cup on mountain skiing on the same construction will pass also other competitions. with a view of economy of means on the same mountain which will be reconstructed, we will spend also two more tournaments. It is a stage a World Cup on freestyle (that we spent that year) and a World Cup stage on a snowboard (a parallel slalom) under which the mountain will be reconstructed also. That is, at first on February, 17th we help to spend a World Cup stage on freestyle, and then quickly and cheerfully we reconstruct by March, 7th - under a snowboard. For this purpose the slope will be reconstructed under a springboard: it will be made pryzhkovyj sector - for competitions on a snowboard. It will be such a springboard - lego which all time will be reconstructed and altered - Dmitry Svishchev has explained.
In turn, president FGSSR Andrey Bokarev has told about more global plans of work of federation. Whether there is a future at mountain skiing and at a snowboard in Russia? - without wasting the talents on trifles, has formulated a question the head. The main conclusion which followed from speech of the president - the future is, but kept away. And it demands from federation of enormous efforts on set of directions.
in my understanding to good results to us still it is far, - Andrey Bokarev fairly admitted. - And any loud statements and assurances of the plan of that, the next year or on the forthcoming Olympic Games in Vancouver we should receive so much - that gold and so much - that of silver medals - nobody does. Last year when there was a meeting at Vladimir Putin - when in Sochi the Coordination council on sports gathered - in the general table opposite our federation there were zero. I of any obligations on myself did not take - officially this to all have declared. Because when we came to this federation together with Dmitry Svishchevym the purposes and problems at us were others .
Which, the president has explained as follows: Namely: to create for 3 - 4 years certain base that further this federation could show any results. And, in simple terms: to create conditions that through 5 - 7 years at us in the country were the sportsmen, the trainer`s structure and the most important thing - the training base: the slopes and descents. That we could use not only foreign lines for preparation of the sportsmen and spend in the country not only stages of the championship and the Cup of Russia, but also stages of World Cups and Europe, and also the international championships. Because till today at us such possibilities are not present. Accordingly, and all our plans - including, and for a forthcoming season - are connected with the certain program which we on ourselves took .
That the program is? According to Andrey Bokareva, it is the program of development till 2014 which provides building of the several large sports centres. first of all, we build such in the Kemerovo region - in Sheregeshe where the line is already certificated. I think that it will be the basic place. There already there are some historical schools: Toshtogolsky and Mezhdurechensk - in which our sportsmen - mountain skiers and snoubordisty prepare. From this year the new line will be started, and all our plans are connected so that to 2010 - to 2001 to approach with necessary specifications for normal preparation of sportsmen - the head has explained.
at the same time, for achievement of real progress in the given sports, according to Andrey Bokareva, one building of mountain-skiing lines a little - preparation of trainer`s structure is for this purpose necessary also. it is necessary to create conditions, it is necessary to create base: children`s school. That besides conditions there were results - serious work on preparation of teachers, trainer`s structure should be spent. It is necessary to make a methodological reserve. We send our trainers and their assistants on training to Austria and Switzerland - to change methodology of preparation of sportsmen. I think that where - that by 2010 this program should be finished. Accordingly, since 2010 we will have those conditions on which base it will be possible to raise normally youth - president FGSSR has informed.
However real return from all these of changes, according to the head, it will be possible to expect yet soon. I do not have problem year - two to work federation and after that to receive any quantity of gold medals. In this time you will not solve any problems. We in the country for many years for various reasons for today actually do not have children`s school as that. There are separately taken boarding schools, but quantitative possibilities of these children`s institutions are very limited... That from the big stream of children to choose units of those talents which will achieve results, the system is necessary, the methodology is necessary. And that it has earned, it is necessary an order 3 - 4 years. That is, by 2014 we will try to reach any more - less made results. But it for the present is not exact. It here such plans in a large cage - the head has informed.