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The Olympic Games in Sochi will be opened by Peter I and heroes of Russian fairy tales

will Open the Olympic games in Sochi of 2014 heroes of Russian fairy tales and the first Russian emperor. Ceremony will pass on February, 7th, 2014 at the Central stadium of Sochi.
about details of opening ceremony of Sochi - 2014 has told to News a source close to Agency on carrying out of opening ceremonies and closing of Games which is responsible for the holiday scenario. The scenario is already co-ordinated with the International Olympic committee. truth for remained time the opening scenario still can change. There are also other scenarios, but the given variant - the basic - marks a source.
show will pass on three scenes. All ceremony will consist of nine stages - each of them will tell about various stages Russian stories.
in the first part with the working name Russia: welcome to Sochi use an image of a three. Three crews will arrive from three parties and will fly on the road shined with the sun, on the second scene. Apparently, it is the original citation from Gogol Dead souls . During the same time for the third scene there will be five Olympic rings, and on the first - ice arena. Then horses will be replaced by a silk flag of Russia, which within the limits of an episode Heart of the Kremlin will rise in air.
further on ice arena there will be symbols of Kamchatka, the Ural mountains, Chukotka, Elbrus, Baikal, the White sea, etc. All these components will incorporate in a single whole which besides will shine the sun. This performance the Sochi organising committee named it is a lot of people - one nation . Behind it the legal part - pass of Olympians " will begin; Here heroes .
When on a scene there are national teams of all countries participating in the Olympic Games, the next part of show - " will begin; Legends under ice devoted to medieval Russia. Against nine church towers there will be heroes of Russian fairy tales - mermaids and 33 athletes.
the following part - Imperial Russia . On the first scene there will be a fleet from five ships under Peter the Great leadership, and on the second - an imperial interior : 22 columns, 5 chandeliers of the different sizes and 10 fountains.
from imperial Russia spectators will transfer to the XX-th century. Organizers will create atmosphere of time by means of architectural constructions (on a scene there will be 15 buildings) and geometrical forms (a circle, a cone, a cube, sphere). All this urbanistic surroundings will be filled in by a torrential rain. On the next scene will show six locomotives, six bridges and sculptures.
ceremony by occurrence of Olympic fire Will come to the end.
in the summer of 2011 Organizing committee Sochi 2014 declared competition on the best scenario of closing ceremonies and Olympic Games opening. Winners are named, but their ideas have decided to refuse.
Scenarios were not maintained simply by critics. All - taki without a certain experience to create the high-grade scenario it is simply impossible - Ilya Bachurin, the former general director of Agency on carrying out of opening ceremonies and the closing of Games created by organising committee specially for carrying out of opening and closing of the Olympic and Paralimpijsky games speaks.
the symbols of Russia which has entered into the scenario of opening of Games, experts approve.
through Russian fairy tales it is possible to transfer and original culture of the country and to show national suits so it is quite good idea, - the president of a group of companies of CD Land Yury Tsejtlin considers. - As to Peter the Great, it is cult enough figure, well-known in the West, most likely, therefore have chosen it .
Thus the interlocutor of the edition underlines that the question of an embodiment of the scenario at all should not be overshadowed.
Olympic Games opening in London has subdued spectators just that the unique scenario has been well executed and from the technical point of view, therefore to say that it is more important - for example, special effects or, on the contrary, the maintenance, it is impossible, - Tsejtlin marks. - I Think that special effects at us will be not worse, than at other countries. But it yet the keystone to success as useless dramatic art technical navoroty will not rescue. Set of the good scenario and special effects will allow us not to be worse than British, and can, and it is better .
But precisely to tell that opening ceremony will be such while it is impossible. For its remained time can seriously correct.
it is possible to alter all and three days prior to action, - producer Arcady Gasilovsky speaks. - However, the Olympic scales hardly will allow so to make, but possibility for maneuver all the same remains .
In organising committee Sochi - 2014 To make comments on the scenario of opening of the Olympic games have refused.
data on opening ceremony and closings of Games are not public. Organizers traditionally do not open a secret up to the beginning of the ceremony - have declared in organising committee.
the information on expenses for opening of Games also is not disclosed. This year Great Britain has spent 42 million dollars for Olympic Games opening, ceremony in Vancouver cost two years ago 40 million dollars.