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Germans to be afraid - not to play Euro. VIDEO

Surprising business - in ours a hit - parade at once two rollers, devoted to the American football. And it in spite of the fact that last week in Europe companionable and butt matches were actively played! However, to the European football in ours a hit - parade too there was a place, and at once two positions in a hit - parade have got to German national team which at first beautifully passed, and then beautifully hammered.
1. If the contender disturbs - catch a ball together with the contender
the American football there is more and more frequent visitor in ours a hit - parade. Probably, football players feel responsibility that in NBA lock-out proceeds and try to compensate in own matches that lack of staginess that was formed from absence of basketball. And can, him it became dullish, and they have decided to diversify not the most dynamical in the world game. Anyway, in the American football recently it became cheerful. For example, it was very cheerful on a match between Kansas of City and Denver . John Baldwin has invented rather original way of catching of a ball. If it is not obvious at roller viewing on normal speed - do not switch off, will watch to the end, on repetition uniqueness of the moment will be visible in all details. Also it is necessary to regret only that Baldwin`s attempt has not been included though he has not understood at once it and has had time to be glad very effectively to the success.
2. Germans to be afraid - not to play Euro
the Companionable match between national teams of Ukraine and Germany has stood out very productive and rather entertainment. Owners of the future Euro were not frightened of Germans who in an elimination match have won 10 matches from 10, and hardly have not put to a team of Joahima Is left unexpected defeat. The German car has decayed on start, and Sergey Nazarenko`s which has become by most beautiful in this match the goal, has made account 3 - 1. But in the second time the German engine has earned at the full capacity, and the meeting has ended in a draw 3 - 3. That does not cancel that fact that the goal of Nazarenko left shining.
3. Who has told, what Germans are not able to play graceful football?
It is considered to be that German football - power, not too inventive, calculated more likely on power, than on graceful combinations. Germans do not beat, Germans press through - in the generalised kind the public opinion looks so. But it is the extremely simplified sight at a subject. Certainly, not all German football players can brag of the Brazilian technics, but when German national team in shape - and now it in shape! - she plays such combinations that to Brazilians just right obzavidovatsja. And the national team of Holland not most, by the way, last command in the world, on itself has felt that such to be helpless in a match against the Germans who have caught spirit.
4. Gate have appeared too small
the Forward of a command Ardzhesh (it is the championship of Romania) Lui Is glad has received unique chance to hammer into gate Stjaua . Defenders with the goalkeeper suited any circus number at the gate and have presented a ball of Rade. To that in general nobody disturbed - all contenders who in the theory were able to do it, already lay on a lawn. There was no place to hurry up. Huge gate were under the very nose. And all - taki they have appeared insufficiently huge - from several metres Is glad all - taki get to a grid could not.
5. Tom and Jerry in a kindergarten
Also we finish a hit - parade we with what it have begun, namely the American football. John Baldwin`s attempt was effective, but it did not have no main thing - it has not been included. And here Joe Adams to the command has brought points. Having picked up a ball in the heart of a field, Adams has forced contenders to chase itself, as dogs for a hare. From outside it looked as salochki in a kindergarten where all chase somebody one. Thus contenders also jumped on Adams, but all time missed, so the event reminded at the same time also an animated cartoon like Tom and Jerry . And that is interesting, Adams could run through all field - anybody it and has not stopped!