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F.Emeljanenko risks to spend last fight in career

Makar Dmitrys
On Sunday on November, 20th the legendary Russian fighter of the mixed style Feodor Emeljanenko will battle with 40 - summer American Jeff Monsonom. The duel will pass in the Moscow sport centre Olympic .

That you know the Correct hexagon about the mixed single combats? In Russia them often and wrongly call fights without rules and all over the world conversations that representatives MMA gradually force out from TV screens and covers of the most authoritative sports editions of professional boxers for a long time do not cease. Ability to work in a rack - an integral part of a technical arsenal of the elite fighter. But, as practice, for achievement of heights in modern " shows; miksfajte sportsmen also should seize in perfection free-style wrestling receptions, a judo and dzhiu - dzhitsu. Mixture of styles, bright surroundings and unpredictability of results of fights - here that does these duels so attractive to spectators.
the numerous organisations try to monopolise from year to year so perspective branch of martial arts, to make the uniform arch corrected and to put under the banners of the most titled kings of a hexagon. But, any of them yet did not manage to achieve desirable result to the full. The authority of each fighting series directly depends on how she can brag of loud names at present time.
a legend miksfajta Feodor Emeljanenko, having the surname Last emperor, in the first decade of 21 centuries has earned reputation of the hero of time, though and not in the fatherland. The invincible Russian heavyweight became a cult figure at first in Japan where spent the majority of duels, and then and in the United States. Sudden splash in interest to Feodor`s career in Russia, certainly, was completely not casual. Fights with participation of Emeljanenko have started to broadcast on television, in a press tens the materials which leitmotif was reduced to the same question have been published: Why the whole world admires Last emperor, and in the homeland of it practically nobody knows?!
the mechanism promotions Feodor has been started on a total power. Moreover, it was not limited to frameworks of only one sports. It seemed, it was possible to rejoice only to that the outstanding fighter, at last, has started to obtain the deserved recognition of compatriots. Nothing foretold troubles. But during this moment there was an unforeseen...
it is necessary, Feodor... It is necessary!
on June, 27th last year dictatorship of Last emperor in a super heavyweight has fallen. Artful and resourceful Fabrisio Verdum has caught Emeljanenko on Children`s triangle . The victory of the Brazilian became the present sensation, and many were inclined to carry it to the category of accidents. Absolutely other reaction of fans was caused by Feodor`s following defeat. Compatriot Verduma Antonio Silva has beaten out the Russian from the championship Strajkfors already at a quarterfinal stage: the fighter on a nickname of Bigfut has changed Emeljanenko in an orchestra, and then has suppressed its resistance the huge superiority in weight and physical strength. Having lost the main thing a trump as the company Strajkfors has left hopes to get expected profit on tournament carrying out...
in attempts to establish the reason of failures of Last emperor many copies have been broken, but almost all experts agreed in opinion: it is necessary for Feodor to spend regenerative a duel, a victory in which would help to return it self-trust. Such fight has taken place on July, 30th in Chicago. The veteran of the mixed single combats 40 - summer " became contender Emeljanenko; polutjazh Dan Henderson representing a national team of the USA on free-style wrestling on the Olympic games in Barcelona (1992) and Atlanta (1996). But calculation of promoters again has not justified: the former fighter Henderson has struck to Feodor shattering knocking out blow. The look of the Russian after a duel eloquently testified: spectators see before themselves not so Last emperor, and the tired fighter which best years remained far behind. Emeljanenko has let know that seriously considers possibility of end of career and so advised to arrive to the favourite fighter its many admirers. North American journalists also noticed that it is time to Feodor to stop and in the future not to sell the glory for money.
however, a brand of Emeljanenko - the sign phenomenon in world sports. After a while the tonality of statements of Feodor has exchanged. Hardly probable it is necessary to doubt that its command has taken a hand in it. Last emperor again leaves in a hexagon, but any more in the USA where interest to its performances as a result of last defeats has sharply fallen, and in the Russian capital. Coeval Hendersona Jeff Monson will be contender Emeljanenko. A title slogan of forthcoming evening of the mixed single combats - Fight of legends . The main duel will visually show, whether there was at its participants something, except the legendary past.