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Hit - parade of events of week

10. 12. - 16. 12 1. Handballers of Russia - the strongest in the world!
16. 12
- Perhaps, the most significant event of the last week for domestic sports became triumph of female Russian national team on handball. In the ending come to the end on Sunday in France of a world championship our handballers have pulled out a victory at a strong team of Norway - 29:24. Thus, wards of head coach Evgenie Trefilov have protected the title and have confirmed a rank of the strongest in the world. Besides, so successful performance has brought to our command the treasured permit on the Olympic Games - 2008 in Beijing. Gallant, girls!!! 2. A cup the First channel - ours!
16. 12
- Hockey Russian national team easily and effortlessly has won traditional tournament on the Cup of the First channel passing in Moscow from December, 13 till December, 16th. Our hockey players have gained victories in all three matches. Modular Finland (4:1), Sweden (2:0) and Czechia (5:1) has serially been beaten. About the superiority of Russians over other contenders says that fact that the Finnish command which has taken the second place has lagged behind winners on 4 (!) Point. In the general offset of Evrohokkejtura Russian national team as continues to be in the lead confidently. At our command - 15 points, go further a national team of Finland - with 8 points. 3. Disqualification of Arshavina
13. 12
- On Thursday kontrolno - the disciplinary committee of UEFA has defined term of disqualification for the captain of Russian national team Andrey Arshavina. The halfback is disqualified on two matches. We will remind that Arshavin has been removed from a field on 84 - j to minute of last elimination match of the European championship against modular Andorra for deliberate blow of the contender. Arshavin in interview to the newspaper Sports - the Express train so has commented on decision KDK UEFA: I hoped that, all - taki, will give one game. But, as they say, that happens - that happens. If distances three matches, it absolutely would kill me! As is though any chances to go on the European championship. All are solved by the head coach. My business - to play football. The is better I will do it, the it is more than chances to go for Euro . 4. Success of the Russian biathlonists in Pokljuke
16. 12
- have successfully enough come to the end for the Russian biathlonists of competition 3 - go the World Cup stage, passing from December, 13 till December, 16th in Slovene Pokljuke. The first put has brought to our women`s team a gold medal: Ekaterina Jureva took priority in individual race on 15 km. Dmitry Jaroshenko`s second place in sprint race became following success for our command. In final day man`s Russian national team in structure Makoveev - Chudov - Jaroshenko - Kruglov has very confidently won relay race - having brought to the Germans who have become second, more two and a half (!) Minutes. In turn, female Russian national team finished the second in relay race 46 km, having passed forward only Germans.
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16. 12
- One more joyful for fans of sports of our country event is connected with the European championship which has passed in the Hungarian Debrecen on swimming in 25 - metre pool. On its results Russian national team has occupied the first obshchekomandnoe a place, and all in a coin box of our command it has appeared five gold, four silver and three bronze awards! Moreover, members of a Russian team have beaten thus two records of Europe and 15 records of Russia! The head coach of Russian national team Alexander Klokov so has estimated results of competitions: On this championship we have arrived without 12 - ti the basic sportsmen as I already spoke, with a kindergarten . In us very few people trusted. And here these children Have gained five victories and have beaten 15 records of Russia! . 6. gold Domninoj and Shabalin
16. 12
- have pleased us last week and figure skaters who have acted in Turin on finals of a world series of Gran - at on figure skating. The Russian dancing pair Oksana Domnina - Maxim Shabalin could prove, what exactly it is the strongest in the world. After original dance our figure skaters conceded to the American and French steams. However magnificent execution of any program - under the name the Masquerade - has allowed our figure skaters to rise on the higher step! Alas, the given success of wards of trainer Alexander Gorshkova became the only thing for Russian modular Gran in the ending - At - 2007... 7. Zubkov`s uncontrollable crew and To
16. 12
- On Sunday the Russian bobsled - the crew under control of Alexander Zubkov has won the next beautiful victory on international scene. This time the collection of prestigious awards of crew was filled up with the gold medal won in Lejk - Pleside at the third stage of a World Cup. After the first arrival in competitions of beans - chetverok our four lagged behind Americans for 0,09 seconds. However in the second attempt Russians managed to surpass result of crew of Stephen Holkomba and to come out winners of a stage. One more Russian crew - led by Evgenie Popovym - has shown the fourth result. 8. Two medals of skier Korostelevoj
16. 12
- In a past week-end in the skiing centre Demino Yaroslavl region has passed 5 - j a stage of a World Cup of a season 2007 - 08 on cross-countries. Following the results of two-day competitions in a coin box of the Russian sportsmen it has appeared two medals - bronze and silver. Both from them have appeared on account 26 - summer Natalia Korostelevoj: accordingly, in race on 15 km free style and sprint race by free style. It is interesting that these results became the best individual achievements in career of the skier! Alas, man`s Russian national team has acted less successfully: in one of two races of a stage our skiers could not rise on a pedestal.
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14. 12
- On Friday event which was expected and discussed in mass-media from the beginning of December has taken place: the well-known football player Oleg Blohin in the past has been officially declared by new head coach FK Moscow . Representation of the instructor has taken place during special a press - conferences with Oleg Blohina`s participation and president FK Moscow Yury Belousa. Thus, the Ukrainian expert has replaced on Leonid Slutsky`s this post which, in turn, has left club right after end of the championship of premieres - leagues, and already in the end of November has headed Samara Krylja Sovetov . Belous has declared earlier that resignation Slutsky has been caused by default of the purposes put before a command for a season: a gain of prize-winning places or a victory in the Cup of Russia. Oleg Blohin was until recently the head coach of modular Ukraine. 10. Torbinsky has officially left from Spartaka
10. 12
- last Monday it became known that head coach FK Spartak Stanislav Cherchesov did not begin to cause Dmitry Torbinsky and several more leading players on a forthcoming match of an UEFA Cup with Toulouse . Thus, possibility ahead of schedule has been given the halfback to go on leave and be released from obligations to club. Let`s remind that else in October Torbinsky declared that will not be prodljat action of the contract with Spartakom . However the football player and club have made everything to leave as much as possible warmly. So, in November of the party have entered into the special agreement according to which Torbinsky has agreed to prolong for four days action of the contract with Spartakom - specially to help a command to act successfully in a group stage of an UEFA Cup. Namely: to have possibility to take part in last game with Toulouse . However, as spartakovtsy have solved the tournament questions ahead of schedule, the club has ahead of schedule let Dmitry go on leave. The following season Dmitry, obviously, will begin in capital the Locomotive .