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Green mark revives traditions of dominoes

on December, 16th in Moscow the First tournament on a domino has taken place. As the organizer of competitions the Russian vodka brand 1 " has acted; Green mark . Well and closed evening a group concert the Forbidden drummers . Specially for tournament carrying out the big hall at restaurant " has been allocated; the Mug on Barrikadnoj. The input for visitors was free. To game 32 players have been admitted. To reach the ending, they should overcome 5 rounds of game navylet . Duration of each round has been limited by rules of tournament. To taste vodka Green mark in the course of competitions it was not forbidden. Participants played with unusual passion. Those who took off from the basic tournament grid, received vodka Green mark as a consolation prize also took seat there and then to play with each other on interest . By the way, the Cuban player has taken part in tournament. Unfortunately, it has withdrawn in a quarterfinal. After several hours of intense game per the ending there were two most successful dominoshnika: Andrey Jusakov and Margarita Modestova.   their game was watched by the main judge of tournament, the expert on board games, Konstantin Gorbunov. The main prize - off-road car UAZ the Patriot has got to Margarita Modestovoj. According to Margarita, it has sat down to play for the sake of the game and did not think at all of a prize. I yet do not understand that I have won the car, - she admitted after rewarding ceremony. - I and to drive - that I am not able . However, Rita is adjusted to get the driver`s licence and all - taki to sit down for a wheel of the won off-road car. In a semi-final Margarita has beaten the husband Pavel who is its teacher both on a domino, and on many other gamblings. On tournament Margarita played to a firm grey cap which, according to many participants of game and jury, was its talisman, brought to it a victory. During a semi-final here in to the Mug Green mark has presented to participants and visitors of competitions a collection top man`s and lady`s wear Telaga developed by popular Russian designer Andrey Sharovym and presented earlier in London and on the Moscow week of a fashion. Atmosphere of a semi-basement Moscow skyscrapers the dominoes filled with knock about wooden tables, has allowed visitors of action to plunge into surprisingly familiar world. Within a month preceding tournament each visitor, 500 gramme which has ordered a portion Green mark received   in a gift firm dominoes. more than 5000 persons thanks to our action became admirers of this on - to the present of national game. We intend and to support further dominoes and to revive interest to it across all Russia. In coming 2008 we will spend some the selection regional tournaments which winners will take part in final. A prize fund   Green mark as well as in the first tournament,   will be impressing - has informed PR - the director of the Group of companies Russian Alcohol Alexander Korovka.