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D.Lebedev has spent the best and disturbing fight in career

Makar Dmitrys
27 - the summer little-known Colombian Santander Silgado has landed in the Russian capital with intention to create sensation. He trusted in itself(himself) and the forces, in validity of claims on a champion title. Thanks to really impressing physical data it took fight with operating world champion in the first heavy weight under version WBA Denis Lebedev under the control. But that the South American in life left for the first time on a ring with the contender of such level, should affect during the critical moment of struggle for the initiative.
to observe of how Silgado, having overcome starting excitement, comprehended the possibilities in champion fight, and, having understood that at it all goes well - has committed the typical, alphabetical, student`s errors which have quickly led to rather sad consequences for it - it was really interesting. For Denis this duel became simultaneously to one of the best and the most disturbing in career.
in the first round boxers have preferred not to force event. The Colombian considerably was nervous, and Lebedev was unpleasantly surprised with speed of hands and cat`s a plasticity of the opponent. The second three-minute the champion has lost in devastating style. Having tried to impose to Santander firm pressure, the Russian over and over again ran on counter right a straight line. And, forcedly having lowered rate, it has given the chance to Silgado to bombard actually motionless target in the same way.
the third round has passed the same way: the Colombian used the classical scheme dzheb - the two against the fighter conceding to it in growth, and practically it was possible to Denis to it to oppose nothing. However, work of feet of the Colombian from first minutes of a duel left much to be desired. He tried to level this lack by means of protection by the case, but one of the most difficult elements of boxing technics in its execution convincing did not look. Santander for an instant hanged in radius of action of blows of Denis, but its seconds, on - visible, have not paid to it special attention.
to break a course of a duel to Lebedev it was necessary to call to the aid all experience stored on a professional ring and a various arsenal. In the fourth round it has got the Colombian doubled dzhebom, and then is masterful has connected to attack the left hand. Silgado has tried to execute the next right cross-country, but movement has turned out too wide. Denis has worked on an advancing and has thrown out left lateral, shaken up the opponent from feet to a head. Santander has been shaken, but has resisted standing. Instead of breaking off a distance or, on the contrary, to enter in klinch, the temperamental South American has tried immediately revanshirovatsja. Lebedev has spent the subsequent exchange with surgical accuracy, having shown remarkable composure. Two more its power blows have achieved the object and have pushed aside Silgado to ropes. A point in this fight has put short left apperkot - one of crowns the Russian boxer. That blow became knocking out, there were no doubts.
thus, Denis Lebedev in the second time has protected the champion title. Considerable difficulties and dangerous situations which to it should be worried this evening, will quickly be forgotten. The history will keep only new line in its track record and a convincing preschedule victory. However very soon on the agenda again there will be a sacramental question - that further? Santander Silgado left on the international level, has found out considerable potential and has gained invaluable experience. Undoubtedly, he will try to leave again on a title duel and not to repeat in it those oversights that has been admitted in Russia. Moreover, dimensions of the Colombian allow it to carry out a sortie in a super heavyweight where at thoughtful and laborious work of the trainer and the promoter the certain success can accompany it.
and what expects Denis? For what the last duel was necessary to it? champion WBA in holiday Guillermos Johnss and the owner of belt IBF fluent Cuban Hoan Ernandes use the same strategy, as Silgado in a ring, but they is considerable above a class. Meetings with them can appear for Lebedev extremely dangerous. Perhaps, the best variant is for today a long-awaited revenge with Marko Hukom. He on - former owns a title of the World boxing organisation (WBO), which Denis tried to select at the German two years ago. Since then actions of Huka have not fallen. Moreover, on February, 25th he hardly has not got the best of Alexander Povetkinym. However in last duels (against Oly Afolabi and Firata Arslana) Marko looked tired, slowed down and passed more blows, than usually. In effect, both times to it to the aid came judges as if intending to compensate to the fighter the mental cruelty put by a verdict following the results of its fight with the Russian hero.
to Settle accounts for the only thing in professional career defeat, to extract one more champion belt, and together with it and reputation of the strongest fighter kruzervejta - tempting, and the main thing vypolnimye for Denis of a problem. But at the same time - each new duel similar yesterday`s, will aggravate Lebedev`s stagnation. Loss of speed, negligence in protection, the rate on single power blows - all is very disturbing symptoms which can lead to crash at any moment. Denis needs to have time to spend the main and most responsible fights (it would not be desirable to believe that those for it remained in the past) in career while it still has quite good chances in them to win.