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O.Slutsker: Remarkably that we have united with Life Fitness

Organizing committee Sochi 2014 has presented suppliers who will be responsible for the organisation and equipment of gyms in the Olympic villages and media - the centre during Games - 2014 in Sochi. The network fitness - clubs World Class became the supplier of the Olympic games in a category Services for fitness and company Life Fitness - the supplier in a category the Equipment for fitness .
Corresponding agreements have signed the president of Organizing committee Sochi 2014 Dmitry Chernyshenko and heads of the companies - suppliers: the president of a network fitness - clubs World Class Olga Slutsker and the chairman of board of directors of exclusive distributor Life Fitness in Russia Karina Malikova.
According to the contract, company World Class will be engaged in the complex organisation of work of five gyms: from the concept before maintenance fitness - the personnel. Thanking World Class, under the direction of skilled trainers participants of competitions and the accredited journalists can use a known network fitness - clubs round the clock.
company Life Fitness will equip all five gyms with the newest fitness - the equipment and will be responsible for its installation and service. Both companies will have an opportunity to use the status of supplier Igr Sochi 2014 at carrying out marketing and advertising campaigns. The president of Organizing committee Sochi 2014 Dmitry Chernyshenko has noted:
- I am glad that the present leaders have joined a command of our suppliers in the areas - World Class and Life Fitness. Our purposes - to propagandise sports and a healthy way of life. It is assured, thanks to our cooperation all participants of Games - 2014 will be in the excellent sports form and vigorous mood.
in more details about a cooperation essence in conversation with the correspondent - Sports Has told the president of a network fitness - clubs World Class Olga Slutsker.
- you position the network World Class as a network fitness - clubs 1. It was how much important to win for you the organising committee tender Sochi 2014 and whether there were at you strong contenders?
- I Want to tell to you that personally I of special competitors did not see, but the tender is the tender and, naturally, we seriously prepared. You know, in my opinion, our basic competitor was that high lath which was put before us by organising committee Sochi 2014 at a partner choice. Not so simply to become the partner of this project, and it is remarkable that we with Life Fitness have united and have given that concept of the centres which will work on the Olympic games, and it was pleasant. So the primary goal was to gain trust of organising committee.
- For World Class cooperation with organising committee of the Russian Olympic games is an investment project, or it has social character?
It is faster set of these two directions. Certainly, to represent the country on the Olympic Games which will pass at us in the homeland is big pride and responsibility. In - the second, it is possibility to spread not only the brand, but fitness - services in whole, their importance for citizens as those. To my regret, penetration fitness - services in our country makes no more than 3 %, and, for example, in the USA - 16 %, in Great Britain and Spain - 13 %. We outsiders. People who will go on the Olympic Games for which will be opened, our five centres are sportsmen, workers of commands and journalists from the different countries of the world. These people in the majority the of the countries in which in fitness are engaged much more, they watch over the health and concern fitness, as to everyday routine. They understand that such fitness of high level.
thus, on us huge responsibility lies to show to them that we have a fitness of the international level. It is a great honour to us, and unique possibility for brand World Class once again to underline the leadership in the Russian market fitness - services. That the organising committee has chosen World Class, is a next occasion to our potential consumers to pay to us attention.
- time you are aimed to spread fitness, whether you thought to carry out actions for simple citizens, to give the chance to them to be trained side by side with the Olympic champions?
- We just discussed it with vice-president Life Fitness, personally I very much love fitness - actions, and we spend them regularly, last example was on the Cup of Russia on fitness - aerobics.
- It turns out, what services World Class will use not only the Russian sportsmen, but also all Olympic delegations?
- Certainly, we will be official fitness - the centre of the Olympic village. Five points in which all concept, all ideas and funktsional will be from World Class, and training apparatus - from Life Fitness will work.
- Employees who will work with sportsmen and their trainers, will be too from World Class?
- Yes, all of them will be carefully selected, will arrive to Sochi and will work here. I can assure you that it will be best of the best.