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Russians have lost to owners of tournament

Russians on superiority of Europe on handball   have conceded to owners of tournament to Norwegians. The match has ended with the account 32:21. After a yesterday`s drawn game with a command from Montenegro it was necessary for Russian national team to type points. However to achieve a task in view a command, despite all reasonable efforts, could not. Already after first half of game Russia conceded 5 points. By results of the second position has even more worsened: advantage has reached 11 balls then the first defeat of our command on superiority of Europe has been fixed by judges. If to recognise that in the following stage of tournament there are three commands group it is necessary to win the third match of a national team already necessarily. In a match against Danes it is necessary to take two points and then the permit in the second group round of a national team is provided. In case of defeat our command risks to take the fourth place and to finish struggle. Let`s notice that Norway is in the lead in group, Danes who in the second round have typed the first points in a match against Montenegro go the second. Norway. The European championship. Men. A preliminary stage. 2 - j round Group And
Croatia - Czechia - 29:25 (13:13)
Poland - Slovenia - 33:27 (23:14) Croatia - 4 (2)
Poland - 2 (2)
Slovenia - 2 (2)
Czechia - 0 (2) Group In
Norway - Russia - 32:21 (15:10)
Denmark - Montenegro - 32:24 (18:9) Norway - 4 (2)
Denmark - 2 (2)
Montenegro - 1 (2)
Russia - 1 (2)