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Football and Mike Tyler. VIDEO

Last week has appeared rich why - that exclusively on football rollers. Has pleased Balotelli, which even on warm-up of a match against Kiev the Dynamo has managed to entertain stadium, the outstanding goal was hammered by Klejton Javier acting in Ukraine, goal celebrating in the championship of Spain has ended with an unexpected result. And on this football background Mike Tyler who trained for a new profession in the high quality psychotherapist perfectly looks.
1. And to put on Balotelli too is not able...
At Mario Balotelli very bad reputation. He was born in Ghana, has been adopted by the Italian parents but as they over it fought, to bring up from it the approximate boy it has not turned out. And it is not casual in each command where this gets afroitaljanets, it becomes a source of infinite scandals. In general, in football he plays well, and all the rest while is possible to it not so. That is it is literally All - up to independent clothing. Even in this process, apparently from a roller, the help is required to it.
2. blow of a scorpion in metalliste
Usually blow of a scorpion name reception performed by the goalkeeper who beats off a ball feet, having fallen thus to hands. The founder of this reception the well-known Colombian goalkeeper Ren Igita is considered. However and performed by attacking such reception is quite effective, as the forward Kharkov " has proved; metallista Klejton Javier.
3. Mike Tyler against Angry Birds
Angry Birds - the well-known game in which all owners " play; Ajpadov Ajfonov and the other gadgets beginning on Ah . The hobby became so general what just right already to speak about dependence on this game as about the present illness. From Angry Birds - dependences Can cure, probably, and the psychiatrist but where it will be more effective to address to Mike Tyler. He promises to cure of illness for three receptions, but actually one suffices it even.
4. Samara a heat CSKA
match Cancellation in Samara between local Krylja Sovetov and CSKA has begun rough discussion about, whether the judge was right, making of this decision. Someone said what to play such field it is impossible, and someone, including the trainer Wings Alexander Tarhanov, asserted that in Kazan supposedly the field is not better, and anything, play. But video - the roller which has been removed by the defender of soldiers by Sergey Ignashevichem, in our opinion, does this discussion excessive.
5. Anything to itself, the goal was celebrated
with Raphael Kazanovas, the player of club of the third Spanish League Rasing (Ferrol) not for long celebrated a goal in gate Viljabesa - The pleasure of one of its partners was so rough that it has called in to unfortunate Kazanovasu on the person, yes so that that have carried away from a field on a stretcher.