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In Dubna fair of yachts and water means

in yachts will take place From July, 8 till July, 10th, 2011 - club Fordewind absolute result resort Dubna will pass Fair of yachts and water means which will continue the begun tradition and will accept relay race of Fair of yachts and boats the Water market 2010.
all participants and visitors have an opportunity the Big water travel - after all the club is located in vicinities of the city of Dubna and has exits on the big water. The commercial component of the project includes a land and water exposition, electronic cards of sales on the Internet, Offices of transactions with trunk-call on territories of club, presentation and the sound announcements, special excursions on boats by means of experts, the test - drajvy and displays. The entertaining part of Fair will pass in style open - air Is and evening discos at water, and specially organised competitions for participants and visitors, buffet tables - here to everyone the summer holiday mood and pljazhno - resort atmosphere is guaranteed.
creation of unique annual calendar action with the high status and support of the new expanded format in this region is not only attention attraction to development of internal tourism and region popularisation, but also revival of social atmosphere in the disctrict of the city of Dubna.
the combination of several formats in one action - exhibition, trading and entertaining - does this action unique among similar in the market, and the place and time of carrying out 8 - - will allow all participants and visitors to organise on July, 10th, 2011 for itself target water walk and to continue further the travel to the big water - on the Rybinsk sea.
as organizers of action the known companies in the market - main and the most popular a format " have acted; classified in vodno - motor branch of Russia magazine the Water Market and International Club of Adventures - Absolute Result with the assistance of the affiliated companies Absolute Result Management Group and Absolute Result Luxury Clubs & Resorts - renders in the Russian market of service of network objects under key brand Absolute Result, company activity extends as on sphere of rendering of services in sphere of tourism and hotel business, and on consulting and management services by hotel and club objects.
prospective quantity of participants of Fair - more than 100, we wait on action more than 500 visitors and visitors. Among participants of Fair - owners of yachts, fans and professionals of yachting, visitors and clients of yachts - clubs, interested persons, partners and sponsors, representatives of mass-media and television, representatives of Administration of the Tver region and the city of Dubna, Sudoproizvoditeli, Dealers and distributors of yachts, the Helicopter companies, the Automobile companies, the Insurance companies, Dealers of specialised clothes.
participation of yachts and boats of water areas of the Rybinsk sea, the Ivankovsky water basin, yachts - clubs and the parking located on the river Volga Is expected. Arrival of yachts from Moscow, connected with pass through sluices, gives unique possibility to use this travel as the test - a drive, to make participation in Fair by the bright beginning 3 - 4 day rest on the Big water.
delivery of visitors will be carried out on water - special charter programs will be opened for all comers, by air - by helicopters, by the ground - transfers transport of various comfort.
Registration of participants and visitors is carried out through sites of the companies - organizers, a specialised site of action, e-mail and a fax.
on action you can receive the list of participants, the list of information sponsors and action Partners, and also any additional information in Organizing committee.