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In Moscow has passed charitable tournament Moscow Open by Gulf Stream

on May, 22nd in SK Luzniki has passed become already traditional charitable tennis tournament Moscow Open by Gulf Stream . The Russian businessmen and politicians have met on courts to bring the contribution to a noble cause of the help to the seriously ill patient to children - to wards of Fund Present life . The organizer of tournament - Joint-Stock Company Gulf Stream security systems . On courts of the sports centre Multisports in territory SK Luzniki this day serious contenders struggled. On emotional heat tournament could give odds to competitions of professionals. But nevertheless the core was the sports principle the Main thing not a victory, and participation - human participation and unindifference to destinies of children needing the help. This year during tournament it has been collected more than 3,5 million roubles, and donations continue to arrive.
We have put tradition of carrying out of our tennis tournaments seven years ago. In this time constant participants of competitions have rallied in collective of adherents which are united by love to sports and desire to be useful to a good deed. Despite employment and busy schedules of the majority of our tennis players, tournament has collected more than 30 players and the greatest sum of donations for all years of existence Moscow Open by Gulf Stream . We intend to continue kind tradition and to make competitions by more scale - Veniamin Pisman, the chairman of board of directors of the company " has told; Gulf Stream security systems .
Means from tournament carrying out will be listed in Welfare fund of the help to children with onkogematologicheskimi and other serious illness Present life to founded Chulpan Hamatovoj and Dinoj Korzun. Last year the money collected during tournament, has been directed on purchase of reactants for fabric tipirovanija children for whom marrow transplantation is necessary. It is necessary to notice that the majority of sacrificers act as private persons.
we are glad to cooperation with Gulf Stream security systems . Some years ago the company became one of the first large philanthropists who has believed to us, still to absolutely young fund, and has incurred care about uneasy, but very necessary business - the help in acquisition of reactants for fabric tipirovanija children and potential donors, - and also about other needs of our wards. We thank organizers of tennis tournament and its participants who have devoted fair and beautiful game to good business - to rescue of lives - has noted Chulpan Hamatova, the actress, souchreditel fund Present life .
Moscow Open by Gulf Stream - 2010 passed in the pair man`s category. 34 sportsmen during a toss-up have been divided into 17 steams which competed in five subgroups. Among constant participants of tournament - Alexander Svetakov (Investment group the Absolute ), Cyril Pisarev (the Group of companies PEAK ), Leonid Bolhovitinov (bank prominvestraschet ), Victor Mamiashvili (Federation Greek - the Roman struggle of Moscow), Oleg Shejhametov (the company Vesta - the centre interneshnl ) Alexander Zajonts (the company the House interior brand Kika), George Goluhov (the Member-correspondent of the Russian Academy of Medical Science, the doctor of medical sciences, the professor, head physician GKB 31).
the Pair which has typed the least number of points in a subgroup left the basic struggle, but could battle for a prize of consolatory tournament. The first place in competition have won Dmitry Chertkovsky and Michael Danilov. The second place was occupied with Cyril Pisarev and Evgenie Trajchun, the third place: Michael Serdtsev and Alexander Sharapov. The pair Boris Myzin - Dmitry Maslov became winners of consolatory tournament.
during a solemn supper in honour of tournament winners have received memorable prizes from official sponsors. After rewarding ceremony charitable auction on which the subjects kindly given by known Russian tennis player Andrey Chesnokovym from the personal collection have been exposed has taken place. During auction it has been collected more than $70 thousand.