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Zelenograd supergotov to moto

In approaching days off, 28 - on June, 29th 2008., on a line in Firsanovke (in Zelenograd) will pass next, already the third under the account a stage of the Championship of Russia on supermoto.
we Will remind, the first stage of the Championship has taken place 24 - on May, 25th on the Rowing channel in Krylatsky, and the second passed in Firsanovke 14 - on June, 15th.
it was initially supposed that competitions will pass in two technical classes - S1 (450 cubic sm) and S2 (opened), corresponding to the same classes of the International motorcycle federation (FIM). However then, as have noted in Championship organising committee, under numerous requests of participants, it has been decided that as well as in the previous seasons, sportsmen - fans will act in separate offset under the name « the Cup of Esta - grup ». In offset of the Championship of Russia the shown results will not be considered. Participants of the Championship will act in one class without division on an engine cubic capacity. And separate arrivals S1 and S2, raneee declared in position and the regulations, in this season will not be spent.
the first stage passed in rather difficult weather conditions, poured a torrential rain, but it has not prevented participants to show a class. In the second time weather was much more favorable.
the first stage in offset of professionals was won by the master of sports of the international class, motokrossmen Alexander Ivanjutin, and in offset of fans the Cup of Esta Grup - 34 - summer Herman Tarasov from Zelenograd, ZelAO Enduro Team supporting a command. G.Tarasov became the winner in a class a hobby and at the second stage, and here in a class of pro S2 the second stage was won by Alexander Ivanjutina`s brother 28 - the summer Sergey Ivanjutin supporting a command Gran - Moto .
At the second stage in the first arrival of a class a hobby quite good results has shown 29 - summer Anastas Loginov from a command Camomiles of Rejsing Having occupied 2 place. But in Anastas`s second arrival has got to a blockage, as a result - only 7 place in race and a total 4 place in the general offset.
According to regulations, two timed trainings are spent to the first day of competitions for 20 minutes by which results there is a qualification of sportsmen. Each participant should pass not less than 3 circles. Final arrivals in both classes proceed 20 minutes plus 2 circles. The maximum quantity of participants on start of final arrivals - 30 persons. In day of competitions it is given to participants not less than 30 minutes for free training on which each participant should pass not less than 3 circles. Following the results of each stage points are awarded. The first 20 places are prize-winning. Points are charged from calculation 25 for the first place, 22 for the second, 20 for the third, 18 for the fourth, 16 for the fifth, and further for places with 6 on 20 - from 15 to 1 point accordingly.
this year the championship consists of seven stages, two of them - opening and final - pass on the Rowing channel in Krylatsky, four - on kartodrome in Firsanovke (Zelenograd) and for the first time one of stages - the fourth - will be organised outside of the Moscow region - on kartodrome in Ulyanovsk in sport centre territory Simbirsk .
In this season at the championship rather considerable prize fund - prize-winning are paid both following the results of each stage, and by results of the championship as a whole. The general prize fund exceeds 100 000 dollars. Following the results of each stage the winner will receive 1 500 dollars, the silver prize-winner - 1 000 dollars, bronze - 500 dollars. Following the results of all championship the winner will receive 15 000 dolllarov, the racer taken the second place - 10 000, and the bronze prize-winner - 5 000.
Supermoto - one of the most entertainment kinds of the motorcycle sports, accessible and both to beginning sportsmen, and professionals. As the sport supermoto has arisen in the USA and for the availability has obtained the big recognition at the European racers. In Europe from amateur competitions supermoto has very quickly turned in chempionatnye races as separate states, and in the international format. Since 2002 passes the World championship on supermoto. The history of carrying out of official competitions in Russia originates in 2005. In 2007 supermoto has obtained the deserved official recognition and has been included in the official State register of sports. The calendar of 2008 is confirmed by Motorcycle Federation of Russia and Rossportom and included in the uniform planned schedule of sports competitions current year.
Supermoto - a youngish category of motorcycles which has appeared in the beginning 70 - h years of the last century in America. The motorcycle is created on a basis krossovoj models or rigid enduro on which wheels of smaller diameter with highway rubber are established. supermoto represents a universal motorcycle, suitable for public roads and at the same time capable to overcome serious obstacles (borders, ladders, and etc.) .
the Dual nature of such motorcycle allows it to hold ideally the set trajectory, and during too time to be well supervised at sliding of wheels. Universal qualities of a motorcycle for supermoto are provided with its design: on the one hand, in the inheritance from sports krossovyh models bajku the suspension bracket, and with another has got dlinnohodnaja, it is very easy one-cylinder device (which than 100 kg weigh a little more) with the powerful explosive motor (which volume can reach 600 cubes). At the same time supermotard the height, and especially powerful brakes distinguishes underestimated, in comparison with krossovymi motorcycles. Thus, the specified characteristics do supermoto not only an ideal individual vehicle for a city, but also provide a basis for entertainment sports competitions.
the given discipline combines two types of races - ring and off-road. On a ring, on an asphalt covering, motorcycles are dispersed till the maximum speeds, and in cross-country conditions participants show passableness miracles.
results following the results of two stages - class S2:
1. 3 Ivanjutin Sergey - 47 points
2. 7 Ivanjutin Alexander - 47 points
3. 11 Averkin Maxim - 40 points
4. 2 Lebedev Maxim - 36 points
5. 12 Latyshev Alexander - 32 points
6. 17 Shmelev Alexey - 30 points
7. 25 Deniss Sergeys - 26 points
8. 5 Gavrosh Yury - 26 points
9. 18 Shemiunov Rasul - 14 points
Results following the results of two stages - a class the Hobby :
1. 33 Tarasov Herman - 50 points
2. 37 Tarasov Alexander - 40 points
3. 7 Shupranov Dmitry - 36 points
4. 13 Loginovs Anastass - 36 points
5. 3 Galkin Alexey - 33 points
6. 11 Samoilov Alexander - 30 points
7. 32 Goldfinches Ilya - 26 points
8. 16 Fedorov Ivans - 25 points
9. 14 Zuev Sergey - 23 points
10. 8 Kondratov Pavel - 23 points
11. 50 Teslenko Artem - 23 points
12. 27 Kutsenko Denis - 19 points
13. 46 Loaves Stanislav - 17 points
14. 99 Avdeev Igor - 15 points
15. 15 Rumjantsev Alexander - 12 points
16. 12 Petrovs Vladimirs - 10 points
17. 18 Shlykov Alexander - 10 points
18. 22 Lazarev Nikolay - 8 points
19. 40 Bajdal Dmitry - 0 points
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