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On a Smolensk ring will pass an European championship stage on races by trucks

the Owner of autodrome « the Smolensk ring » Sergey Petrikov, responsible secretary RAF Sergey Ushakov and the Director of races FIA Anthony Iddon guaranteed carrying out 7 - on August, 8th, 2010 on a line in Smolensk of a stage of the European championship on ring races by lorries. This action becomes official opening of new autodrome of the international level « the Smolensk ring ».
on June, 24th in Moscow in a conference - to a hall « the President - Hotel » has taken place a press - the conference devoted to the Russian stage of the European championship on ring races by lorries TRUCK BATTLE RUSSIA 2010.
In a press - conferences have taken part: Sergey Antufev (the Governor of the Smolensk region), Oleg Petrikov (General director STK « the Smolensk ring » The organizer of the Russian stage of the European championship), Sergey Ushakov (the responsible secretary of the Russian Automobile Federation), Sergey Petrikov (the owner of Autodrome « the Smolensk ring ») Anthony Iddon (the Director of races, FIA), Fabris Gorle (the General director of Renault Trucks Vostok), Michael Konovalov (representative TRO in Russia, the first Russian racer participating in the European championship on ring races by trucks), Denis Maslennikov (the Director of branch of Open Company « MAN Cars Russia » in St.-Petersburg) and Valery Belova (the General director of group of companies SHARKS).
On a press - conferences Sergey Ushakov has confirmed that 7 - on August, 8th race will pass in Smolensk with the status of a stage of the European championship. This race is already brought in a calendar of the International Automobile Federation (FIA).
the International race by lorries TRUCK BATTLE RUSSIA 2010 becomes official opening of the Russian autodrome of the international class « the Smolensk ring ». Similar competition will be spent to Russia for the first time as till now in our country European championship stages on ring races by trucks were not spent. The Russian stage of the Championship will pass in two days. Pilots leave on start of four races. The distance of everyone will make - not less than 45 km (14 circles). Participation in competition 15 pilots from France have already confirmed, Germany, Spain, Austria.
on June, 23rd autodrome « the Smolensk ring » the delegation, led by the director of races FIA Anthony Iddonom, and also Sergey Ushakov, Denis Maslennikov and Michael Konovalovym has visited. Visitors present on autodrome remained are pleasantly surprised by the seen. Now on a line it is necessary to put two top layers of a road cloth, and also to establish elements for safety. Let`s remind that earlier, on June, 6th, inspector FIA from the Commission of Lines FIA of Eduardo Frejtash (Eduardo Freitas), being also the director for carrying out of competitions of the International Automobile Federation, has spent Autodrome inspection « the Smolensk ring ». Official report FIA with results of inspection has confirmed conformity of a line to requirements FIA and possibility of carrying out of official international races in August of this year.
after the termination of all planned works before start RUSSIAN TRUCK BATTLE 2010, autodrome « the Smolensk ring » will obtain licence FIA of a category 2. The licence gives the chance carrying out on autodrome of all competitions on the ring races, passing under the aegis of FIA, except for races of the Formula 1, carrying out of stages of such championships, as WTCC, GT, DTM is thus possible.