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P.Sampras: Safin becomes the president of Russia

Eks - the first racket of the world American Pit Sampras has expressed the opinion of that known tennis player Marat Safin in the past has decided to leave in a policy.
- Marat - very clever person with well put voice - it the excellent orator so, I think, it is healthy that he has decided to enter into the State Duma of Russia. I consider that to it on forces to do huge work - people love it, and it is half of that is necessary to become the politician. It is very young, and it is healthy to see in it passion to be engaged in this business. I think, within 20 years it becomes the president of Russia, - transfers Sampras`s words portal Tennis. com.
we Will note, in July 2011 - go year Marat Safin has made decision to stand in deputies of the State Duma under the list an United Russia . 31 - the summer sportsman is included in the list of candidates from the Nizhniy Novgorod region. However lately he lives in Monaco.
In case of passage to the State Duma, Safin intends to prosecute a subjects of popularisation of sports in the youth environment.
we will remind, Safin is eks - the first racket of the world in the single category. Recently Sampras and Safin met on tennis tournament of a champion series in Chinese Chendu, and Pit has won three sets.