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Safin the second time has conceded in ending Australian Open

In Sunday early in the morning Moscow time all Russian fans of tennis with hope watched the representative of our country Maratom Safinom who met in the ending of the Open championship of Australia on tennis Swiss Roger Federerom. To the big affliction of tennis fans of Russia, Safin could not win this tournament with the general prize fund of $19 million, having lost a decisive match of Federeru, posejannomu on tournament at the second number, in three sets. In spite of the fact that at Marata, unlike its contender, was two days on rest, it could not be restored and approach completely in the necessary form and a confident psychological spirit to this duel. All who worried about our sportsman, trusted, what even after a series of wearisome matches in Australia with Americans Todom Martin, Andy Roddikom and Andre Agassi Safin will prove from the best party. On the contrary, appear, that after prizes at the first racket of the world of Roddika and two-multiple winner Agassi last step to a victory on tournament of Maratu to make quite really. However Safin after a year of absence on a tennis court simply did not have physical standards. In the first set at the account 1:1 Safin took giving of the contender, however already in a following game has given the. the organism still gets used to the contender - the president of Federation of tennis of Russia Shamil Tarpischev has explained differences in Safin`s game. Further Safin and Federer took everyone the givings, but on thaw - a break there was more successfully a Swiss 7:3.
the Second set, unlike the third, also has passed in struggle. Safin risked, playing quickly and powerfully, without allowing Federeru to play variously. However the Swiss all the same could take Safin`s giving and has moved with advantage in two sets.
according to Tarpishcheva, Federer played exactly, without visible recessions. And Marat though maintained physically, has psychologically broken . In the third set struggle has left from the Australian court. Safin lost a game behind a game. Have not inspired the Russian and loud barrackings from tribunes: Marat, we in you trust .
After a match Safin has easy apprehended the defeat. During final speech he smiled and even joked. Despite defeat in the ending, Safin`s performance on courts of Melbourn it is necessary to recognise successful, nevziraja even that in the Australian ending he has lost the second time. We will remind, it has conceded the first four years ago to Swede Juhanssonu.
Explaining the reasons of the defeat the Russian tennis player has referred to shortage of forces on a final. I want to congratulate the contender. First of all that it became first-ever, and with its today`s victory. It has shown impressing tennis. As to me I am glad already to that has managed to reach the ending after lost of - for traumas of year. It is a pity that on a today`s match I simply have not sufficed. At me gas has come to an end. All match I was not in time for the contender. It was necessary for me more time, for restoration before the ending. But it is necessary to do justice to my contender. Federer - the great player, and it by right became the first racket of the world - Safin has told.
that Safin, having typed rating points is important also, was practically selected on the Olympic Games in Athenes. Who will get on the Olympic Games - will dare on June, 14th. Following the results of 52 weeks on four representatives from women and men will go to Athenes. For this purpose it is necessary to get to number of first fifty sportsmen.
Federer who on Monday will head a world man`s rating, has won the second victory in tournaments the Grand Slam .
Tennis. Australian Open. The ending. Men:
Federer (Switzerland, 2) - Safin (Russia) 7:6 (7:3), 6:4, 6:2