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Rehearsal on 5 (the review of tennis week)

Sergey Tomilov

had not time to leave Yet memory of memoirs of fights on Rolan Garros as to us the main grassy tennis tournament - English Wimbledon is already risen. This tournament the Grand Slam - one of favourite at many tennis players, therefore prepare for it always purposefully, at once after Paris. And even during all season.
as last dress rehearsal before a trip on courts Vseanglijsky laun - tennis club for tennis players not absolutely assured of the forces tournaments could serve in Dutch Hertogenboshe both the British Nottingham and Eastbourne.
though to name Enen, Moresmo, to Petrov, Jankovich, to Ivanovich and Chakvetadze not absolutely assured of the forces language does not turn. Nevertheless, they, in search of additional practice, also have not failed to use possibility of participation in these tournaments.
It is pleasant in this connection that one of female tournaments was won by our Anja Chakvetadze. There was it in Hertogenboshe who though is tournament of the third category, nevertheless annually collects the strongest sportswomen. posejannaja at the third number, our tennis-player has completely confirmed the status, easily and easy having reached a semi-final. There it was waited beaten before this Anu Ivanovich in two sets by a Slovak of Daniela Hantuhova. However and Daniely did not have any chances of bringing down our Anju from the planned way - 6:3, 6:4.
Many after that hoped on Russian ending which, to tell the truth, all already were tired of waiting, but also Dinara Safina confidently going on a grid has faced in a semi-final about the terrible and strong competitor, the first number of competitions. JAnkovich, not without effort, but nevertheless Safinoj has consulted in three sets with enough quite good game, and has reached the final.
Probably, has already strongly bothered the Serbian tennis-player to play with Russian in the ending - that Kuznetsova Sharapova, now here Chakvetadze
Last could to win tournament already in the first set when conducted 5:0 and, that look, would break psychologically staunch Jankovich. But here heavens which have burst in a rain have interfered and have stopped the influence, only when the account was already 5:4. Nevertheless, here again Anja has not trembled and, having finished all business to thaw - a break, easy it took, having given to a lottery to the opponent only two points.
but the general nervous result of the first party has affected the second where already Elena dominated on court and, taking two givings of the Russian, has won 6:3, having left the decision on a match outcome for a dessert .
In the third set, as well as it is necessary, competitors some times encroached on giving each other (at one Jankovich was only six break - points), and that which all these posjaganija has managed to realise has won. Taking two breaks from two given, Chakvetadze thus well played and the giving, as has led to its fourth title in career. And, I think, has given many emotional forces for participation in Wimbledon.
and Jankovich, no less than Ivanovich, can not be upset. Really, that to be upset, when the basic tournament yet has not begun, and all trumps can be used yet once.
(or the first as it is pleasant to whom more) for a week tournament WTA has passed the second in Eastbourne that in Great Britain. And it also has not been deprived by the best tennis-players of our time - Zhjustin Enen, Ameli Moresmo, Nadezhda Petrova - so looked the first three of favourites on a victory. And all of them, it is necessary to tell, expectations have justified, having reached a semi-final. The fourth has not managed to make it only sejannaja Dementyev which has stopped two steps away from the ending. More truly, has been stopped by Frenchwoman Marion Bartoli who in two sets has literally torn to pieces all defence of Lena - 6:0, 6:1.
However the same fate has comprehended also Bartoli in a semi-final where it examined Zhjustin Enen, the first number of female tennis. Taking seven games for a match and having received deserved neud from the Belgian, Marion has gone to prepare for Wimbledon under the individual program. And here the victory of Zhu - zhu on tournament became already practically a reality. The question was only in the one whom it will beat in the ending.
unfortunately, Petrov has not sustained all heat of struggle in a match with Moresmo and from - for traumas has been compelled to act in film from game already after the first, lost 4:6, a set. Ameli Moresmo, the operating champion of Wimbledon, in turn, despite the status of the competitor on the ending, was not going to lose prior to the beginning of a match.
and the Frenchwoman it was possible to give the present battle Zhjustin. In all three parties it was necessary for winner to type seven games, and last two sets in the coin box and have at all come to the end on thaw - a break. One of them, the second, has managed to take Ameli, having won in a tennis lottery 7:4, and in the second there was more successfully a Belgian - 7:2. Thus in the first party was stronger Zhjustin so the match has ended natural it pobeloj - 7:5, 6:7, 7:6.
Repetition of the last year`s ending of Wimbledon for certain was necessary to spectators to liking, after all they not only have seen the strongest tennis-players of the world in all beauty, but also have received huge food for reflexions how those will look on the main courts of England.
men - favourites, unlike representatives of the weaker sex, have not pleased us with the presence on sorvenovanijah this week. However in Hertogenboshe and Nottingham there were heroes - and both Croats. Iwos Karlovich and Ivan Ljubichich were quit with the opponents vlegkuju, practically without having met any resistance. However, there and to meet - that was especially nobody.
However, Karlovichu was necessary more difficultly, than to the compatriot - in a semi-final and the ending he played nevertheless not with the weakest contenders. But Dima Tursunov (7:5, 6:4), Arno Kleman in the ending (3:6, 6:4, 6:4) have not stopped a victorious gait of the Croat which has cheered itself up to this, concerning easy, a victory.
as to Ivan Ljubichicha, to it it was even easier. Having received the second number, the Croat could be afraid of nobody almost. And when Tommi Robredo, the first on tournament, has covered a racket in a quarterfinal does not remain anybody who seriously could prevent Ljubichichu to win tournament. Even Dutch Peter Vessels, the owner of tournament and beaten Robredo, did not become a barrier to Ivan. Here, truth, has not done without thaw - breaks (a match abacus - 7:6, 4:6, 7:6), but at the expense of them the Croatian sportsman and has won a trophy, the eighth in career and the second in a season.
rating ATP. Position for June, 25th
1 (1). Roger Federer (Switzerland) - 7 290
2 (2). Raphael Nadal (Spain) - 5 225
3 (3). Andy Roddik (USA) - 3 055
4 (4). Nikolay Davydenko (Russia) - 3 040
5 (5). Novak Dzhokovich (Serbia) - 3 010
6 (6). Fernando Gonsales (Chile) - 2 780
7 (7). Tommi Robredo (Spain) - 2 200
8 (8). Andy Mjurrej (Great Britain) - 2 085
9 (9). James Blejk (USA) - 2 075
10 (10). Tommi Haas (Germany) - 1 960
Champion race ATP. Position for June, 25th
1 (1). Raphael Nadal (Spain) - 746
2 (2). Roger Federer (Switzerland) - 601
3 (3). Novak Dzhokovich (Serbia) - 471
4 (4). Nikolay Davydenko (Russia) - 295
5 (5). Andy Roddik (USA) - 279
6 (6). Fernando Gonsales (Chile) - 278
7 (7). Ivan Ljubichich (Croatia) - 265
8 (8). Tommi Robredo (Spain) - 234
9 (9). Guillermo Kanas (Argentina) - 226
10 (10). Michael Juzhnyj (Russia) - 219

Rating WTA. Position for June, 25th
1 (1). Zhjustin Enin (Belgium) - 4 499
2 (2). Maria Sharapova (Russia) - 3 852
3 (3). Elena Jankovich (Serbia) - 3 197
4 (4). Ameli Moresmo (France) - 2 984
5 (5). Svetlana Kuznetsova (Russia) - 2 790
6 (6). Anna Ivanovich (Serbia) - 2 544
7 (8). Anna Chakvetadze (Russia) - 2 193
8 (7). Serena Williams (USA) - 2 130
9 (11). Nadezhda Petrova (Russia) - 1 862
10 (14). Nicole Vajdishova (Czechia) - 1 819

Champion race WTA. Position for June, 18th
1 (1). Elena Jankovich (Serbia) - 2 850
2 (2). Zhjustin Enin (Belgium) - 2 795
3 (3). Anna Ivanovich (Serbia) - 1 981
4 (4). Svetlana Kuznetsova (Russia) - 1 911
5 (5). Serena Williams (USA) - 1 891
6 (6). Maria Sharapova (Russia) - 1 645
7 (7). Anna Chakvetadze (Russia) - 1 405
8 (8). Daniela Hantukova (Slovakia) - 1 323
9 (9). Dinara Safina (Russia) - 1 276
10 (12). Ameli Moresmo (France) - 1 266