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Shamil Tarpischev: Russia should win the Davis Cup and the Federation Cup

Today, on July, 26th, at office has taken place the Internet - a press - conference with Shamil Tarpischev. In sports and the politician, and also posts it is possible to list its achievements very long. In sum, it is difficult to argue with the statement that he is a first person in the Russian tennis. Shamil Anvjarovich is the captain of female and man`s tennis national teams. At Yeltsin became the minister of sports. Because of love of the president to tennis Tarpishchev became one of Boris Nikolaevicha`s confidants, its personal trainer and the permanent partner on court. Now Tarpishchev heads the All-Russia tennis association, is the adviser of the mayor of Moscow and a member of executive committee the IOC.
J.Rovensky: the Opening address.
I am glad to welcome all who has accepted our invitation on today`s a press - Shamil Tarpischev`s conference. I also am very glad to welcome all the Internet - users who within the next hour will follow a course of our conference. About this person, about its achievements in sports and the politician it is possible to talk for hours. The master of sports on tennis, a member of the International Olympic committee, since 1974 is the captain of Russian national team. It is enough to tell that at president Yeltsin our today`s interlocutor held a post of the minister of sports. But it officially, and during free time from work it was the personal trainer and the permanent partner of the president on a tennis court. Now Shamil Anvjarovich heads the All-Russia tennis association, works as the adviser of the mayor of Moscow and trains man`s and female national teams on tennis. By the way, recently our female national team has won a victory over a command of Slovakia in Federation Cup draw.
probably, now in our country there is no more qualified expert in the field of sports development. What waits the Russian sports in the future? Whether our country and further support the status of a sports superstate can? Who and how forms a state policy in the field of sports? Whether there will pass the Olympic Games of 2012 in Russia? What destiny waits the Kremlin Cup and whether this tournament of Russia is necessary? All these questions interest huge set of Internet users because the healthy way of life became fashionable and demand for it increases more and more. Probably, it well also would be desirable to hear answers of our interlocutor to all these and on many other questions. I hope that Shamil Anvjarovich will tell about prospects of development of sports in Russia and in the world. Not a secret that in the last some years our compatriots play the leading parts in world tennis. Whether long it will last, whether there can be Russian tennis players the first rackets in the world or, on the contrary, it is necessary to them recession? Shamil Anvjarovich is known as the person who has the point of view on many important questions and which has not got used to hide it from the press. Today we have an occasion once again in it to be convinced. I with pleasure ask to speak to Shamil Tarpischev.
S.Tarpishchev: the Introduction.
Dear friends, it is very pleasant that we have gathered in such audience. I was always open for the press and is ready to answer any questions. I am grateful that we mutually have found time that it has taken place. Recently I am engaged in tennis, tennis development more. I have returned to old duties - captain`s: I am engaged in training process in the created Academy of tennis of Valeri which patronises also which honourable president more Juan Antonio Samaranch is. Probably, time when we should leave on the world scene not so much from a position of results and as fashion-makers, and should reach tops in tournaments " has come; the Grand Slam and to win. I consider that our technique - one of the best in the world, and, maybe, and the best.
We all life in Soviet Union when tennis was a chamber sport, were engaged in in what the world should not be engaged That is we from the worst children did the best. Tennis was not national game, accordingly, there was no financing, accordingly, those children who did not get to other sports came to tennis. Therefore we took up the issue methodical very seriously, we have kept all methodical maintenance with 1974. And consequently the whole world should not to these be engaged, therefore we worked on lacks. Therefore within several years we on rates of development of tennis take according to the international federation the first place in the world. It is one my work connected by that the hobby and work coincide. It is the happiest in life.
and, of course, problems of the Russian sports most disturb all of us. If on the previous summer Olympic games we won more than in 20 kinds of the program now gold we will win no more than in 10. If to take winter sports medals are won in three traditionally strong our kinds: these are female skis, biathlon and figure skating. It causes many questions, it is a lot of problems, just as the nation improvement, a healthy way of life. The future - in coordination of problems of mass character, on the one hand, achievement of high sports results, with another, and also - in those mechanisms, in that system which should be made because in many respects it is lost. And I am ready to answer all questions in this area. If there will be another, and something will be held back, I will tell.
a question: What now reserves of our tennis? Whether is to whom to replace Kafelnikov, Safin, Dementyev and Kurnikova? Whom from young tennis players you would allocate?
Shamil Tarpischev : We already spoke about female tennis. At women - Krasnorutsky, probably, a surname known already. It was the champion among 16 - summer, and results go for today at it on the increasing. Besides, Petrov. In her face we have got, I consider, the good pair player for the Federation Cup. She plays pair and understands very fine. Bovina grows up, is Safin which was in 15 years in the ending of the Wimbledon tournament among 18 - summer. It is a sister Marata. That personally me seduces in its character when she wins tournament, at there is no euphoria from a victory. She all time wants to play and be improved. Very professional work goes on formation of basic bases of training of tennis players which should act in 18 - 20 years. It is possible to carry to them both Zvonareva, and same Zhidkovu, very pleasant impression was left by Kuznetsova, first of all, on work of feet. I think that how it moves on court, it can be even in world to ten.
Therefore I would not began to allocate anybody from girls. If we within three years the best according to tennis development, according to the international federation, it means that from year to year on age groups we give out a galaxy of players. At children the quite good impression is left for today by Vlasov. You know that Southern grows, but it has lacks of the technical plan, but, despite it, it on the sly creeps to the world twenty. As to young children, such as Krasnorutsky, Sitak, they very young - 14 - summer, it would not be desirable in advance them to allocate, but, anyway, these children make certain prospect. I think, what exactly the age group till 15 years is more interesting to us, children therefrom can become good players in the long term.
a question: In tennis at Russia now like all is excellent. Nevertheless, whether for a long time it? Whether will win the Russian Federation the Davis Cup or the Federation Cup? Whether there are we the first rackets of the world?
Shamil Tarpischev : that good results in tennis at Russia will be, it is doubtless. In Soviet Union competitions by this kind were spent on 94 covered courts, and in 2000 in Russia was arranged competitions on 336 covered courts. That is tennis from a seasonal sport has turned to the all-the-year-round. We cover now the big weight of people. Last year 2118 persons that it is possible to consider as very successful result have taken part in competitions of children till 12 years. Besides, we have spent 736 tournaments to Russia in 260 cities in 47 Russian regions. In my opinion, being based on these indicators, it is possible to assert that tennis became national game.
the happy tendency for us two years ago was outlined: if before children on employment by tennis parents now they want to play tennis resulted. The problems connected with development of tennis in the country, are connected by that in Russia the contract system is not fulfilled. We know existing in hockey and problem football when in 14 - 16 years people become not ours conclude contracts with intermediaries, are formed in the West. I think that there is more than half from them subsequently will not play for Russia. Tennis in this case has avoided this fate. Tennis federation - one of the few in whom any sportsman for all history of its existence did not remain abroad. I think that it too property of the Russian tennis. Though problems of contract system remain, the quantity of players appearing every year, says that in the future we do not need to be afraid of it. It is just necessary to fix legislative base and to develop such positions which would do sportsmen by patriots of the country and betrayed to the native land. This area is lost now.
As to victories in the Federation Cup and the Davis Cup, I think that to a gain of the first command place in the world in tennis of the woman there are more close, than men. It is connected by that players appearing every year in female tennis create huge potential for victories. In the last match of the Federation Cup Petrov`s two young sportswomen and Krasnorutsky debuted. The next two years, I think, Russia will possess two equivalent structures for participation in the Federation Cup. If to speak about female world tennis in general the leader here, certainly, is the team of the USA. However it is a unique command with which we cannot compete yet. It is necessary 2 - 3 years that successes as on tournaments the Grand Slam and in command competitions have come to the Russian tennis-players. Though at good coincidence of circumstances it is possible to win already now.
As to the Davis Cup, fortunately, we have two leaders - Evgenie Kafelnikov and Marat Safin. However, unfortunately, there is an essential rupture between young Russian sportsmen and a tennis top. If to take the most talented children of the age which is coming most nearer to age of our leading sportsmen it is possible to name children who last year have won a team championship of Europe in 14 years, were the second in the world, Sitak from Orenburg has won the World championship among children of its age. I think that here process of formation of young sportsmen will proceed during 5 - 6 years. It would be very healthy, if Kafelnikov then we would have time to generate that command which now is planned in female tennis continued to play all this time.
on the other hand, competitions on the Davis Cup depend entirely on a toss-up, from with whom and where the command plays. Here there are no two matches on another`s and field, and there is a lot. We throughout several years basically lose on departure. Now there comes a situation when the majority of matches the Russian team will play houses. House matches are good that in tennis the great value has a covering. There are no universal players who now would win within one year tournaments the Grand Slam . Even leaders play a different covering on - to a miscellaneous. The second problem of the Davis Cup consists that it in a calendar costs very unsuccessfully for those commands which have no a long bench . It is connected by that on terms the Davis Cup costs so that on one continent the tournament giving a considerable quantity of points comes to an end, and tournament in other continent next day begins. Here questions of acclimatisation, physiology and other things are intertwined. Besides, in the Davis Cup the rule about possible replacement of the player by the third day is entered. Accordingly, at pjatisetovyh matches, at that loading which sportsmen should sustain during a three-day duel, having equivalent a long bench it is possible to expose this or that player under each sportsman. We, unfortunately, are deprived such possibility, because at us only two leaders as there are problems and in a pair combination. However I do not exclude that at a good deal the Davis Cup can be won and the next year.
a question: What do you think concerning the Kremlin Cup? What its prospects? Whether this tournament of Russia is necessary?
Shamil Tarpischev : the Kremlin Cup - unique competition for all Russia, after all the Kremlin Cup was born in Soviet Union and was born with certain problems. I remember, how we fought for the name, did not entitle the Kremlin Cup because considered that as this word - the Kremlin - will associate with sports action. But anyway, this problem managed to be solved, and here throughout last 11 years he has grown in that tournament which represents for today the person of Russia in a sporting world Unfortunately, I cannot name any traditionally growing action for other sports which could be compared to the Kremlin Cup. And that this Cup has for today (and it is double tournament - man`s and female, and female has got the supernine status) is, undoubtedly, both a recognition, and achievement of the Russian tennis.
as to man`s tournament on force it is in the world twenty and logically, probably, and it would be desirable, that we in the country had a tournament and super - 9 - both man`s, and female. But it is a problem purely financial. And, unfortunately, any sports action has problems with financing owing to many factors and, first of all, owing to not optimum laws on sponsorship and advertising which, I consider, in the country simply optimum are not developed also them for today is not present. And consequently all tournaments have today very big problems. As to the Kremlin Cup for today I consider that in general the state should have a program of creation of image of Russia abroad. The Kremlin Cup is entered in this program integrally because, probably, there is no the best advertising for the country, than advertising through sports.
if to speak about sportsmen, about leaders, such as Kafelnikov, Safin, Kurnikova and to count quantity of sites with a mention of their names on the Internet it is doubtless that they win first place among a sporting world Russian and among all politicians. As tennis is such sport that even if they do not win the first places, all of them equally all-the-year-round flash on screens of TVs and play tournaments every week, and everywhere sounds: Russia! Russia! therefore, I consider that this theme for the country is missed. Sports are always were an embodiment and forces of the state, and image, nobody can challenge that sports from a position of perception and country knowledge play not last role. And for today I can tell that the Kremlin Cup does not have serious problems, there is no fear of that it will not be. That is this year if not absolutely we have practically solved the majority of financial problems, and on the future we would not like to stop in development and it would be desirable to spend every year the Kremlin Cup at the best level.
this year we make an attempt for the first time creations of the design of the Kremlin Cup, as in Wimbledon, in France, to Australia and the USA. On such solid tournaments always there is a style, the colours, the paints, and it in a sense creates the tradition. We have approached to it and over it we work, though there are complexities which are connected with financing, and there are countries (I them now will not name) which want to lease our tournament and to pay for it decent money.
the Kremlin Cup is a property of the All-Russia tennis association In many respects. In due time it passed under home nursing of Presidential Administration and the government of Russia. In 1996 - 1997 were patronised by the mayoralty and the government of Moscow. Now we unite both the federal authorities, and the Moscow government, this tournament uniform all - taki. But it belongs to the All-Russia tennis association or structures of the All-Russia tennis association to be more exact. Here again it would be desirable to have the certain guaranteed programs or mechanisms which, I repeat, in the country is not present, that these tournaments not only tennis, but also on other sports, would bring the blessing in Federation development. The Kremlin Cup has already given much to Federation of tennis, the All-Russia tennis association thanks to what we and spend study of trainers, conferences, seminars, and it at the basis of development of all Russian tennis. But to go further, the attention and the states, and the decision of those acts and codes of laws on sports development in Russia is necessary that not only this tournament has remained, but also there were others.
a question: Who now really supervises over the Russian sports? What relations between National Olympic committee and Goskomsportom?
Shamil Tarpischev : If to speak about mutual relations of a state structure with National Olympic committee of Russia the trouble consists that these relations are not adjusted till now. In Soviet Union the Olympic committee carried out representation functions. The charter the IOC assumes that on any national Olympic committee there should not be a state pressure, and is preached that this organisation should is out of the state frameworks and out of a policy. This organisation should be the sports ambassador of the world. Therefore, probably, those mutual relations which have developed after disintegration of Soviet Union between Goskomsportom and the Olympic committee of Russia, are abnormal. First of all, because legislation bases in sports which have created certain standard base (I have been accepted I consider that it was a step forward). Then there was a law which as though shifted a part of functions which should remain with the state on shoulders of the Olympic committee of Russia. And now us will be in a fever, because there is no common opinion concerning the decision these are problems neither in the government of Russia, nor in Presidential Administration from - that the versatile information arrives. I the supporter of creation of a certain coordination council who was at the first president of Russia. Within the limits of this committee it was possible to argue, swear and find the optimum decision. I think that it would be most correct, because these two structures should not let out documents absolutely different in the maintenance. They should work as the uniform mechanism, but today it is not present.
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