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Tennis. Sharapova prepares for the Federation Cup - 2008

the captain of our command, the president of Federation of tennis of Russia Shamil Tarpischev has informed. during Masha Sharapova`s arrival on a cup-final of Federation I discussed a theme of its performance for a command in 2008 both with her, and with her father, and with its manager, - Shamil Tarpischev has told. - reaction - exclusively positive. I will remind that Masha never and did not refuse to play for Russian national team, and till now has not played only from - for the extremely adverse coincidence of circumstances. But now for the sake of performance in the Federation Cup Sharapova are going to reconsider the plan of personal performances already planned for the next year. Most likely, will refuse some tournaments. Though to avoid objective complexities all the same it will not be possible. For example, the match of the first circle from a national team of Israel will pass right after end of the Open championship of Australia. The big question, in what condition will be Masha - as, however, and other our girls. On the other hand, it is necessary for Sharapova to play for a national team. Otherwise by existing rules it cannot even apply for participation in the Olympic games in Beijing . We will remind that (quarterfinal) of the Federation Cup of 2008 Russia will spend a match of the first circle on a visit against a command of Israel 2 - on February, 3rd.