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Kafelnikov plays to the manner

On Wednesday on the Kremlin Cup Evgenie Kafelnikov met Denis Golovanovym. We will remind that on the eve of Golovanov together with Safin has inflicted defeat over Kafelnikov with Zimonzhichem.
Therefore all expected that Evgenie will revenge for this defeat by a fast victory in the single category. However, predictions have not come true. In the first set game was equal. Everyone won the giving, and lost on giving of the contender. And only on thaw - a break nerves have appeared more strong at Kafelnikov. With the account: 7 - 6 the first set has ended.
It seemed that in the second party Golovanov has given in without a fight. Kafelnikov as - that effortlessly has won four games successively. However, Evgenie is not going to change to the manner of game. As always, having relaxed and probably without doubting any more the victory, Kafelnikov has managed to lose four games successively. The account was made even.
it is visible, having remembered once again that it the Olympic champion and as - that not solidly in such rank to lose nobody Golovanovu, Kafelnikov on - good has become angry and in other two sets has surpassed itself. The account: 6 - 4. Thus at men on Wednesday has done without sensations.