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The southern Russian Michael Juzhnyj continues struggle

In a quarterfinal has easily enough changed Romanian Andrey Pavela and left in the following circle.
southern - the unique Russian continuing struggle on St. Petersburg Open. Pavel has not managed to render it worthy resistance. In the first set Southern has crushed it with the account 6:1.
In the second party on the first giving of the contender Southern has made a break and has repeated the success in a party ending. As a result - 6:3, 6:1. Sebastjan Grozhan became the first semifinalist St. Petersburg Open 2002. In a quarterfinal it was resisted by offender Evgenie Kafelnikov Dominik Hrbaty who has begun a match very confidently, at once having made a break.
however to the middle of a set of Grozhan has caught the game, has won back a break and has come forward 3 - 2. However, this crisis has appeared time as Hrbaty played obviously more confidently the contender and, having made one more break, as a result has won party 6 - 4.
the Second set has begun more easy. To the sixth game contenders took the givings, and only then Grozhanu nevertheless was possible to make a break which has allowed it to win party.
thus, the destiny of a match dared in the third party. In the first game the Frenchman managed again to take giving of the contender, but Hrbaty there and then this break has won back. However, how fast it took another`s giving, has so quickly lost also the. Grozhan has moved with account 3 - 1, and here Hrbaty has started to be nervous. He constantly argued with judges, was dissatisfied with itself and as a result could not oppose anything to the contender. In two hours after the beginning of a match of Grozhan has issued an exit in a semi-final.
Andre Agassi which have beaten out from draw, and Gaston Gaudio, posejannyj at the seventh number left the second on court the author of the loudest sensation of tournament of Karol of the Driver, on Thursday.
in the first set of Gaudio confirmed the status of the favourite, having made a break already in the first game and quickly having finished the account to 3 - 0. posoprotivljalsja it is a little driver and even took giving of the Argentinean, but nevertheless has lost with devastating account 2 - 6.
the Beginning of the second set also passed from dictation of the Argentinean. It imposed to the contender the manner of game, forcing that to be mistaken often. However, to it it was not possible to make a break. And here the Slovak during any moment has groped a weak place of the Argentinean and could escape forward.
At account 5 - 3 Drivers submitted on a set but has not coped with nerves and giving has lost. However it there and then took itself(himself) in hands and as a result has won 6 - 4.
the fourth in which the Slovak managed a break became the Solving game of the third set. At account 5 - 2 it could win and party, however has missed four matchbola. However, already of a following game it it is assured took the giving and has sent to have a rest one more sejannogo the player.