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On St Petersburg Open

At once three Russians - Dmitry Tursunova, Nikolay Davydenko and Michael Juzhnyj - have left day of losses St Petersburg Open on October, 25th. And, only Tursunov could not continue the further struggle from - for defeats. Davydenko and Southern were compelled to act in film from tournament from - for traumas.

thus, the unique representative of Russia in the single category there was Dmitry Kunitsyn who in the second circle will play against German Tommi Haas.

well and now to losses... On the one hand, defeat of Tursunova looks surprising - after all he has lost to Max Mirnomu which to beat the Russian was quite on forces. With other, Belarus tennis player actively enough it is shone on the world scene that is why hardly it was necessary to hope that on the general result the Russian tennis power is more powerful than the Belarus. However, of the defeat of Tursunova has accused itself. Yes, I have lost not to the weakest contender, - Tursunov has declared. - But this defeat in the first circle of the Open championship of St.-Petersburg - for me the third defeat successively in the first round of tournament. To tell the truth, I do not remember, when lost the three first circle in succession. It is an occasion to frustration. But all matches were very strained and good, basically. Physically I feel perfectly. And as I appear on the court - butterflies " fly; also there is no concentration .

But if absence of concentration of Tursunova can be business reparable here traumas of Davydenko and Southern - an occasion to anxiety. So, Nikolay Davydenko, posejannyj on tournament of series ATR in Petersburg at the first number, has refused struggle in a match of the second circle against Uesli Mudi, to feel a sharp pain in a heel at the account 4:2 to own advantage. On painful shock it has won back the first set and the beginnings of the second, but has then understood that the pain all - taki delivers it inconveniences, and has called the doctor. He has suggested me to bandage a foot that I extremely do not love. Therefore the decision to finish a match was accepted the won game. Yes, I could finish a meeting, but for my health nobody could predict consequences - has commented on the refusal of Davydenko.

For southern all has developed even more dramatically. It could not finish a pair meeting (Arturs/ Okland - Southern/ Zimonzhich), having fallen some times and having twisted a foot. Having refused to play further, the Russian has addressed to physicians and has acted in film from tournament in general.

All anything, here only these two refusals and the subsequent verdict of doctors can not to affect in the best party Russian national team to which in the beginning of December should play a cup-final of Devisa in Moscow against a command of Argentina.

St.-Petersburg (Russia). Tournament of series ATR St Petersburg Open. The Prize fund of 1 000 000 dollars

the Single category. The first circle
Tommi Haas (Germany, 4) - Nenad Zimonzhich (Serbia) - 6:2, 6:7 (6:8), 6:2
Rajner Sljujter (Holland) - Lukash Kubot (Poland) - 6:4, 3:6, 6:3
Max Mirnyj (Belarus) - Dmitry Tursunov (Russia) - 4:6, 6:3, 6:4
the Second circle
Potito Starache (Italy) - Jarkno Nieminen (Finland) - 7:5, 3:2, refusal from - for foot traumas
Ernest Gulbis (Latvia) - Lukash Dluhi (Czechia) - 5:7, 6:3, 6:3
Uesli Mudi (republic of South Africa) - Nikolay Davydenko (Russia, 1) - 2:6, 3:3, refusal