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France the first has reached the final

French national team became the first finalist of the Federation Cup. After the first day of semi-finals of the Frenchwoman conducted in a match against Spanish national team with account 2 - 0, today in the first meeting of day Natali Deshi has beaten Anabel Medina Garriges with account 6 - 3 6 - 1 and has deduced France in the ending. The winner of pair Russia - Austria becomes the competitor of Frenchwomen. We will remind that Russians conduct with account 2 - 0.
we Will remind that on Wednesday the meetings were won by Deshi and Tatyana Golovin. Thus, the fourth single and pair meetings have lost meaning.
Russian national team conducts with account 2 - 0 thanks to victories Anastass MYskinoj and Svetlanas Kuznetsovoj.
Deshi has made a break in the sixth game of the first set thanks to what has won party, having moved with account 1 - 0.
In the second it is literally for 20 minutes to it it was possible to move with account 5 - 1. Already in a following game it managed to issue a victory: On the giving of Garriges has moved 40 - 15, but has managed to lose giving.
for French national team the victory in the Federation Cup can already become the third. In 1997 in the ending France has beaten Holland, in the past - the USA in the Moscow ending.
in 17 - 00 Anastasia Myskina`s match and Ivonn Mojsburger will begin.