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Tennis-players of first ten

can stop Sharapova only It is impossible to Russian tennis-players to play successfully on Wimbledon. Almost in each circle of the lost Russians all time appears more than won. Very similar that success Rolan Garros on Wimbledon it will not be repeated.
on Friday in the third circle have played Maria Sharapova and Tatyana Panova. With the competitor it was possible to consult Sharapova, and here Panova goes home. However, similar results should be expected.
Sharapova managed strong enough Slovak tennis-player Daniela Hantukova. However, all the same Sharapova, posejannaja at the thirteenth number was considered as the favourite of a meeting. All - taki its progress is so obvious recently that it concedes in a class unless to tennis-players of first ten rating, and that not to all.
in the first set of Hantukova resisted confidently enough. Sharapova has won only one game on another`s giving, thus, truth, without having given the competitor of any a break - a point. The Russian has won 6 - 3.
In the second Sharapova`s advantage was already more solid. Hantukova could win only one game, having lost other six. In Sharapov`s following circle the Milling cutter which has won yesterday against Anastasia Myskina will play with Emi.
Panova has taken off is expected: while to it still rather early to struggle with tennis-players like Lindsej Devenport. The American played both is more exact, and is more powerful, so it is no wonder that Panova could take only three games.
the second circle
to Anna Kremer (Luxembourg) - Sun Tjantjan (China) 6 - 3 7 - 5
the Third circle
Maria Sharapova (Russia, 13) - Daniela Hantukova (Slovakia) 6 - 3 6 - 1
Lindsej Devenport (the USA, 5) - Tatyana Panova (Russia) 6 - 2 6 - 1