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Without Americans, but with Krasnorutsky and Enin

Leonid Edlin
On Wednesday in hotel Sheraton Pelas has taken place official a press - the conference devoted to opening 12 - go under the Kremlin Cup account. The opening address has been given the chairman of board of directors of tournament Shamil Tarpischev. He has told that this year the Kremlin Cup is very successfully prepared that all financial problems are solved (including, debts for last years are paid). Shamil Anvjarovich has informed also on changes which have occurred in the basic grid.
unfortunately, there will not arrive to Moscow the American tennis-players Lindsej Devenport and Vinus Williams, has informed on official a press - conferences of tournament the chairman of board of directors of the Kremlin Cup Shamil Tarpischev. It is connected by that after acts of terrorism in the USA many American sportsmen have refused flights in other countries. Absence of second and third numbers of crops means that in the basic grid the place for our Liny Krasnorutsky to which should not neither take place now qualification was released, nor to wait uajld kard . In case someone else from prospective participants will refuse arrival to Moscow, the place for Nadezhda Petrova will be released.
Besides, tournament will replenish with one more strong tennis-player - Belgian Zhjustin Enin. It has sent the application form for participation, and its desire has been satisfied: Enin will receive so-called gold uajld kard as the tennis-player entering into first ten tables of ranks.

in a man`s grid no serious changes have occurred, as anybody from participants has not refused yet arrival. Remains while not clear who will receive treasured uajld kard . Such desire was stated, for example, by the champion of Wimbledon Goran Ivanishevich. The final decision will be about it taken out on Thursday, at session of the All-Russia tennis association. Shamil Tarpischev ssitaet that the best exit would be to give the chance to get to the basic grid to the Russian tennis players - to Michael Juzhnomu and Andrey Stoljarovu.