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Spaniards - in the ending

Spanish national team became the second finalist of the Davis Cup. In a semi-final Spaniards with account 3 - 1 have beaten Frenchmen. In the ending Spain will play from a national team of the USA which with ease has finished with Byelorussians.
on Sunday the first single meetings of a semi-final were played by those tennis players who did not take part in Friday single meetings. Instead of Carlos Moji who has damaged a shoulder and a knee, in a today`s single meeting Raphael Nadal has played. Fabrisa Santoro injuring a wrist Kleman has replaced Arno.
18 - summer Nadal has appeared much more strongly the contender. It is interesting that the most young in the history of the Spanish tennis to the participant of the Davis Cup already could bring this year solving victory to the command: in February he has won the fifth meeting of a match against Czechia in Brno.
this year in the Davis Cup to me very much carries. And I am happy that we have reached the final - has declared Nadal.
the Frenchman took giving of the contender in the first game, however the Spaniard has not become puzzled. It has recouped in the sixth game, taking giving of Klemana, and four games has made one more break later and has won a set.
in the second set of Nadal at all has not allowed the contender of anything. Having lost the giving four times, Kleman hardly could count on something. He also did not count. Has won Nadal a set such soft truncated blow, such unpredictable that the Spaniard was applauded even by Gi Forzhe, the captain of French national team.
in the third set of Nadal has allowed the contender to win only two sets, than has thrown into ecstasies expressional Spanish public.
now Juan`s match - Carlos Ferrero and the Field - Anri Mate has no value. Spaniards - in the ending.
Raphael Nadal (Spain) - Arno Kleman (France) 6 - 4 6 - 1 6 - 2