Rus News Journal

Have won everything, except Dementevoj

Were defined chetvertfinalisty the Kremlin Cup at men. The greatest interest for the Russian fans was represented by Marata Safin, Michael Juzhnogo and Evgenie Kafelnikov`s matches.
Evgenie played against Alberto Martin. The meeting has developed for the Russian very easily. He has won the first set with account 6 - 3, taking one giving of the contender. Kafelnikov has won the second party with even big advantage, having allowed the contender to win only one game. In a quarterfinal it will meet German Larsom Burgsmjullerom who has won Irzhi Novak.
Safin`s match was last of appointed for today. Very skilled Italian Dzhanluka Potstsi was contender Marata. In the first set Safin`s advantage did not cause doubts. It has come off at once the contender and as a result has won with account 6 - 1. The second party has turned out more persistent. Opponents went level with up to the eleventh game when at account 5 - 5 at the Italian have not sustained nerves. He has lost a game on the giving, and Safin confidently took the. The young Byelorussian Vladimir Volchkov who has reached in this year to a semi-final of Wimbledon became contender Marata in a quarterfinal.
unexpectedly left in the following circle and Michael Juzhnyj. The favourite before a match 1/ 16 endings was the most experienced Thomas Juhansson. The meeting has turned out very persistent. The first set remained for the Swede, in the second advantage was on Michael`s party. In solving party business has reached to thaw - a break and here it was found out that at the Russian nerves are stronger. Now it will meet the numerous winner of tournament Mark Rosse.
Also in a quarterfinal left: David Prinoshil and Jonas Borkman.
Among meetings of female tournament of the most interesting game between the first racket of the world Martinoj Hingis and the owner of a silver medal of Olympic Games Elena Dementevoj has turned out. The Russian though could not win, looked quite adequately. In the first party she, probably, has not managed to cope with excitement and has conceded with a whitewash 0 - 6. However then Elena took itself in hands and has evened up scores on parties. In a solving set there was a persistent struggle, that the Swiss is more skilled however has affected. At the crucial moment she has played more sobranno and has won a victory 7 - 5.
With unexpected result the meeting of Magdalena Maleevoj and Aranty Sanchez has come to the end. Sanchez, posejannaja at the third number, has conceded in two sets.

in a semi-final there were Maleeva, Kurnikova, Shett and Hingis.