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A.Tikhonov: How it is possible to take in modular Bogaly - Titovets and Sleptsovu?

the Former president of the Union of biathlonists of Russia, the former first vice-president of the International union of biathlonists, 11 - the multiple World championship and the quadruple Olympic champion Alexander Tikhonov who is a member of board of the Ministry of sports, tourism and the youth policy of the Russian Federation, the expert - Sports has commented offered by board of the union on the list of candidates for a national team on a season 2012/ 13, and also abolition of a post of the head coach and appointment to posts of trainers man`s and Nikolay Lopuhova`s women`s team and Volfaganga Pihlera.
- As it is possible to take in a command Anna Bogaly - Titovets and Svetlana Sleptsovu? What can they show? To the Olympic Games in Sochi we can speak about what sight? You look at the structure of national teams offered for the following season? We will see what female go-ahead four? At Norwegians and Frenchwomen such structure, what we will oppose to it? There are four sportswomen at us which it is necessary to take and to conduct them systematically. I will not name their names because differently for them the road at once will be closed. As that I offer, it is automatically bad.
as to the offered structure of a men`s team there there are bright good sportsmen, and here the man`s national team can be collected strong to Sochi. But it is necessary to prepare them. Who will be engaged in it, I yet do not see. In that trainer`s structure which offers SBR, there are no present experts. Besides in a command now spiteful atmosphere in which creation these trainers also are guilty. Such should not be, but it does not change in one day.
I can tell that those people who are really experts, SBR why - that does not connect to work with sportsmen. There are five fine trainers whom I besides cannot name. But them do not take. And take people whom it is simple naprosto are not able to work.