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Protection use much more popular, than to steam of seasons became detailed about protection

OnBoard Recently back; both prorajdery, and rajdery the day off even more often pull on a head a helmet before being started up downhill. But opinions concerning necessity of protection disperse till now. We have decided to dig more deeply. In spite of the fact that it would be most easier to write on these pages a huge font a phrase CARRY the HELMET ALWAYS and to support with its colourful selection of photos with traumas, we have decided not to play the hypocrite at least: after all, if it is fair, only one member of our edition always puts on a helmet a head. Besides, we - for action and choice freedom: if you definitely would not like that ­ that to do, who we such to specify to you and to solve for you? However it is necessary to recognise that decrease in potential risk - good business: especially so far as concerns children. Therefore we have decided to share with you the facts and opinions of several rajderov that you could make the weighed decision. Also it is necessary to recognise that if you in the good physical form and are flexible enough as a whole, probability of a trauma for you it is essential less, than to your spineless and awkward friends. So do not forget to do morning gymnastics! Some researches in the field of mountain skis and snowboarding have shown that the regularity of serious traumas is small enough - for example, only 2. 4 head traumas for 1000 days, according to one of polls; the most terrible happens, as a rule, when the situation is absolutely out of control of the person. So without hysterics. Chances to be cleaned on full you have not enough, thus the probability of dangerous unsuccessful falling all the same is present, even if you go for a drive from feet to a head chained in an armour. Than above there is your level of driving, especially by the way there can be a protection - the risk grows, bravery and an ego grow, the confidence of own forces grows. For some members of the European edition, and a couple of companions from Russian, progress in driving level already remained behind. But your years for certain are still stretched before you in all variety. One more plot: you go for a drive to yourselves and disturb to nobody, and here to you very high-speed beginner falls down a head inept, but. Such happens not seldom and not often - but happens. To name concrete figures by quantity and a regularity of traumas difficult enough as all researches in similar areas are spent at local and regional levels and are not united by the general database. But according to the report of one Swiss research group nearby 25 000 snoubordistov annually get serious enough traumas demanding medical intervention. And 53 % from them - are more younger seventeen years, and after all so it is a lot of you, expensive young talents! The most widespread traumas - on a wrist, the following under the list - concussions and other failures with a head; the last can affect very seriously yours health in view of numerous complications and consequences. While some clever men propagandise idea that rajder in a helmet is more subject to hit in travmatichnye to a situation izza a syndrome trauma expectations scientific researches completely deny similar bosh. An essence that if you gather that ­ that to make - to jump drop in 15 metres or to go down on very steep slope, - it is not necessary to do it only because you have put on protection and are therefore assured that with you happens nothing. It is necessary to risk in the event that you are ready to it internally and physically. Some rajdery to which we managed to communicate, said that do not put on protection because it holds down movements, preventing to concentrate and raising probability cleaning from - behind this constraint of movement. Though many from all of them equally put on helmets. Personally it seems to us that the reason not carry protection can to be only one: to you nekomfortno in it, it brakes your progress, and you are ready to risk, being entered in difficult turn without protection . And in general - protection becomes every year more and more convenient and flexible, it is not enough disturbing the owner. So, Klaudija Fliri almost constantly goes for a drive in a helmet and with back protection, and sometimes puts on also shorts: When I am protected, to me is comfortable - she speaks. Still it is impossible to forget about Dzhodi Kojnderse. One and a half years ago its awful falling in kvoterpajpe The Arctic Challenge 2006 became the main negative note in the end of a season, but, after long restoration, it has again returned on a board. on me after all then there was a protection of shoulders, hands and a back from Dainese and kneecaps from RED. And shorts ProTec - my favourite! . If you saw its falling on the TV or on youtube for certain were delighted that on it was so much protection. what do I carry now? In March I have put on shorts, kneecaps and back protection the first shooting. And - about yes, certainly, a helmet! . We want to tell that everyone decent and c sufficient experience of driving rajder should solve, for what risk level it has ripened to go for a drive, without putting on protection. If you only begin, it would be quite good to secure a little that yours snoubordicheskaja career has not come to an end, without having had time plainly and to begin. Hey, you are necessary to snowboarding, children! Be continued. On magazine OnBoard materials