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Sleptsova has brought gold

Russian Svetlana Sleptsova has won a victory in female sprint race on 7,5 kilometres which has passed in frameworks of the third stage of a World Cup in Austrian Hohfiltsene.
On the threshold of sprint Svetlana Sleptsova in career has put on for the first time itself a yellow vest of the leader of the general offset. Opinions went that this fact can negatively affect results of the Russian. All - taki Sleptsova - the sportswoman young, can not cope with pressure... But Svetlana has shown everything that similar conversations - no more, than conjectures of journalists. 22 - the summer biathlonist has admitted one discrepancy on the first shooting, however even it has not prevented the Russian to settle down on the first line of the total report.
its compatriot Ekaterina Jureva who has taken place both firing lines without misses was the basic competitor Sleptsovoj in the last sprint. It allowed it to advance Svetlana the distance most part, however on last circle of Jureva nevertheless has conceded to the partner on command in speed, having lost to it on finish of only 2,7 seconds.
Besides, the claims for gold long time were shown by two sisters from modular Ukraine - Vita and Valentina Semerenko. If the first has managed to pass race without failures and has won as a result bronze (backlog from Sleptsovoj has made 16,6 seconds) at Bring down obviously have not sustained nerves during the second shooting. From a standing position she has three times sent bullets in milk having lost not only so close podium, but also a place in ten. As a result of Valentine it has appeared on 20 - j positions, having lost to the winner more than one and a half minutes.
quite good race was spent by one more Russian Albina Ahatova who as well as in triumphal for itself to individual race has closed all targets. However, sprint by that also is distinguished that much here solves also speed. Albina has passed race in quite good rate, but it was insufficiently for hit in a three. As a result - 5 - e a place and 32 seconds of backlog from Sleptsovoj.
Anna Bulygin who became unique of starting in last group who was possible manage a good result Has pleased also. Up to the second firing line Anna kept 5 - j at the expense of exact shooting and good speed, however a unique error in to a rack has cast away it on 9 - ju a position. Moreover, Bulyginoj was necessary to run to finish, keeping the place in struggle against Anna - Karin Olofsson. As it is known, the Swede is distinguished by brilliant physical preparation, and to keep up with its time for last circle the Russian and could not. Thus, Bulygin has closed first ten, having finished quantity of the Russian biathlonists in it to 4 - h.
Absolutely nearby there was also Olga Zajtseva who also has committed one error on the second boundary and has finished race on 13 - m a place. And here Oksana Neupokoeva (26 - j result) and Olga Medvedtseva (32-) have not managed to master with nerves and weather, having missed the mark in total 2 and 3 times accordingly.
terrible German biathlonists have spent race blankly enough. Magdalena Nojner finished 7 - j with one miss, Katrin Hittser - 8 - j with two inexact shots, and Martin Bek and at all 14 - j though went only one penal circle.
in the general offset Svetlana Sleptsova has strengthened the leadership. Now at it 327 points, while at the nearest persecutor - Martiny Bek - 278. Only one point to the German is lost by Ekaterina Jureva who has settled down on 3 - j to a line. Besides, in the five one more Russian Albina Ahatova, on which to account 230 of points has made the way also.
Hohfiltsen, Austria. A World Cup. 3 - j a stage. Women. Sprint of 7,5 km

1. Sleptsova (Russia) - 23. 21,8 (1 penal circle)
2. JUreva (Russia) - backlog 2,7 (0)
3. Vita Semerenko (Ukraine) - 16,6 (0)
4. H.Junsson (Sweden) - 24,3 (0)
5. Ahatova (Russia) - 32,3 (0)
6. Mjakjarjajnen (Finland) - 35,1 (1)
10. Bulygin (Russia) - 1. 00,8 (1)
13. Zajtseva (Russia) - 1. 08,1 (1)
26. neupokoeva (Russia) - 1. 55,0 (2)
32. medvedtseva (Russia) - 2. 10,2 (3)