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A.Zubkov: World championship Gold is something especial

Russian bobsleist Alexander Zubkov who together with Alexey Voevodoj became the world champion in the two, has shared sensations after a triumphal victory.
- Alexander, long eight years has passed since that moment as you have got for the first time on a World championship podium, having won bronze still in 2003 - m in Lejk - Pleside. Then there was still a bronze, two silver. And here for the first time you at top...
- And I do not consider, how many years have passed! My problem not to consider, and it is good to train, win as much as possible tournaments and with quiet soul to retire.
- unless it is close?
- Is not present, while it is far. There were still problems which were to be realised.
- there is a sensation of the come true dream?
- Is! Actually, such sensation is present always when you win. But World championship gold - something especial, you are right. Especially, when it is reached in the hardest struggle against German crews, and, on a foreign field - in Kenigzee.

- Just you were congratulated by one of the greatest pilots Andre Lang. He before the championship beginning almost in each interview named its main favourite you. You knew about it?
- did not know. But I have got used to trust opinion of Andre. Probably, it is the best pilot in the history of bobsled, the person knowing the business completely. Time it expressed such opinion, means, understood, about what spoke. It is glad that has not brought it with the forecast.
- so it has turned out that you have won today on a bean which for you was designed before the Olympic season by other legendary German pilot - Kristof Langen. On a twist of fate, before the beginning of this season it has been appointed by the head coach of German national team. And on a bean of Langena you have taken away a champion title in Germany!
- I prefer to name this car the bean, instead of a bean of Langena. Certainly, in due time Kristof has done the utmost, that my two went quickly though he has been interested in it in the same way, as well as I. But time is not necessary on a place. Today absolutely other realities.
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