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The short list of ideas of talismans " is defined; Sochi 2014

Within the limits of session of expert jury Sochi 2014 have been summed up the first round of a choice of talismans of the Olympic and Paralimpijsky games and the short list of ideas is defined. The characters chosen from these ideas and their authors will be presented public on February, 7th, 2011, is equal for 3 years prior to the beginning of Games. The expert jury of competition consisting of known art workers, formations, sports, business and a policy, the General director of Open Society " has headed; the First channel Konstantin Ernest. From more, than 24 000 works sent on competition, the jury has defined lists the Top - 10 Olympic and the Top - 3 paralimpijskih ideas of talismans from which in February, 2011 winners will be chosen. Under the decision of jury participation in competition can continue as animal (bears, leopards, dolphins, bullfinches, hares, etc.), and fantastic characters (snowballs and snowflakes, nested dolls, etc.)
back we have made unprecedented decision - to create Half a year our talisman all together. For the first time in history the Olympic movement all country has taken part in competition on creation of ideas of talismans. Talismans of Games in Sochi should reflect features of Russian culture and to be close and intuitively clear to millions people of different age, trades and nationalities and in Russia, and all over the world. Thus they should be pleasant to children, after all for many of them sports will begin with a talisman of Games in Sochi. We hope that in final national SMS - voting which will take place in February on the air, everyone will take part - the President of Organizing committee " has noted; Sochi 2014 Dmitry Chernyshenko.
Work of expert jury has passed in some stages. Preliminary judges have independently familiarised with gallery of ideas and have prepared the ratings of ideas which, in their opinion, could present the Olympic and Paralimpijsky games to Sochi to the whole world.
the expert jury has discussed the lists of ideas Generated following the results of this stage during the general session. Discussion passed on system of a choice of capitals of the Olympic and Paralimpijsky games where as a result of voting the applicants who are not corresponding to the full, according to voting, to tasks in view are eliminated.
the chairman of expert jury the General director of Open Society the First channel Konstantin Ernest has noted: to Head competition jury is a huge responsibility. From thousand the ideas sent by all country, we needed to choose the most perspective. After announcement of the short list of ideas with them within one and a half months the command of artists and animators will work to create animation images which will take part in television show .
As a result of jury work 10 groups of ideas of a talisman of Olympic Games 2014 in Sochi and 3 groups of ideas of a talisman of Paralimpijsky Games 2014 in Sochi which, according to jury, are worthy inclusions in the final list have been chosen. Results of voting of jury have been sealed in envelopes, collected and counted up by volunteers Sochi 2014 .
Vitaly Smirnov, the honourable president of the Olympic committee of Russia, a member the IOC and Executive committee OKR, has underlined: For Russia, of course, the first winter Olympic games, but it is not necessary to forget it that the country already accepted the Olympic games in 1980. Then the big work for choice a talisman too was spent. Mishu the Olympic Games 80 remembers the whole world, for Russia it - a symbol of the whole epoch. Talismans of Games of 2014 become the same heroes of time, and I hope, our work will promote it .
Olesya Vladykina, the Ambassador Sochi 2014 has noted: For sportsmen talismans of Games is always assistants who support during competitions and strengthen strength of mind. In this sense the Paralimpijsky talisman is especially important, after all it should instal confidence in sportsmen, induce them to new fulfilments and sports feats, contrary to all circumstances, conventions and stereotypes .
Following the results of voting in the second stage of a choice of talismans of Games 2014 in Sochi left following ideas Olympic talismans:
· the Hare
· the Dolphin
· the Polar bear
· the Brown bear
· the Bullfinch
· the Leopard
· the Snowball/ the Snowflake/ Ldinka
· the Sun
· Little men
· Father Frost
and paralimpijskih talismans:
· the Nested doll/ the Tumbler toy
· the Dolphin
· the Bullfinch