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The Russian steams to gold the first awards have not reached

In the Finnish Helsinki in the second day of the European championship on figure skating have played sports steams. Operating world champions and Europe Alain Savchenko`s Germans and Robin Sholkovy have confirmed the high status, having won gold with result of 199,07 points.
silver in an active of Russians of Juko of Kawaguchi and Alexander Smirnova (182,77). vitse - champions of the European championship - 2008 Russians Maria Muhortova and Maxim Trankov became bronze prize-winners (182,07). After a victory in the short program of Muhortova and Trankov in any were only the fourth,   reports the sports information All sports .
Silver prize-winners juniorskogo superiority of the world - 2008 Russians Ljubov Iljushechkina and Nodari Majsurazde have taken the fifth place with result 147,84.
To tell the truth, we flat-out, - Maria Muhortova has declared after hire. - Have started to struggle both with itself, and with elements from the first step to the program and were strongly exhausted. Excitements special were not, there was a big concentration.   I Admit, the program for us tjazhelovata, and any more the first competition when it up to the end is not possible to us. Nevertheless, despite errors, it is our best result in a season that a little bit heats soul. And as to an error on emission it is a defect of both partners.   after such falling it was very difficult to gather for other elements. Yes, have lost last year`s positions - have conceded silver of Kawaguchi - Smirnovu, but, considering our errors, we have lost not and much .
Also   in the second day of the championship   there has passed the short program in man`s tournament. The double champion of Russia closing performance Sergey Voronov has typed 71,29 points and takes the sixth place, losing to the first more than 15 - and points, and to the third - more than four and a half.
Again me has brought rittberger... - has complained Ravens. Is deja vu the third year in the World championship and Europe repeats... Saw a look of my trainer Alexey Urmanova when I was mistaken on departure? It was something (laughs). Probably, it is time to change for more difficult jump - flip. But I am happy with performance. To tell the truth, in comparison with that I did on trainings... In the sense that on trainings I could not at all and I can not do anything. Ice did not feel to an exit on start. That a sin to conceal, has collected everything that a smog. And after all has not sufficed very little. It is a pity...
On any program I will leave to struggle not with someone, and with myself. And of medals we will think after start. I after all have still managed to pull out last starting number in any program (smiles). Yes anything, has already got used. It even is good, time will have a rest after warm-up. It is very heavy to go for a drive. I do not know that at me here with health it is created, the form has come to full worthlessness. And on the other hand, there is nothing. It is necessary to continue to struggle .
Helsinki, Finland. The European championship. Steams. Any program

1. Savchenko/ Shelkovy (Germany) - 132,43
2. Kawaguchi/ Smirnov (Russia) - 117,39
3. Volosozhar/ Frosts (Ukraine) - 115,14
4. Muhortova/ Trankov (Russia) - 112,45
5. Iljushechkina/ Majsuradze (Russia) - 9542

the Result
1. Savchenko/ Shelkovy (Germany) - 199,07
2. Kawaguchi/ Smirnov (Russia) - 182,77
3. Muhortova/ Trankov (Russia) - 182,07

4. Volosozhar/ Frosts (Ukraine) - 171,34
5. Iljushechkina/ Majsuradze (Russia) - 147,84

Men. The short program

1. ZHuber (France) - 86,90
2. Verner (Czechia) - 81,45
3. Kontesti (Italy) - 75,95
6. Ravens (Russia) - 71,29
8. Lutaj (Russia)   - 67,75
15. Borodulin (Russia) - 61,77