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Berger took priority in sprint

In the Italian place of Antholts - Anterselva started final before the World championship a World Cup stage on biathlon.
women left the first on start of sprint race on 7,5 kilometres. As a part of Russian national team there was no Olga Medvedtsevoj who purposefully prepares for a world championship, and also leader of a World Cup of Svetlana Sleptsovoj which initially appeared in the starting report, however on race did not leave.
the Germans acting   in the basic structure, practically all have appeared in the first group, however to set the fashion, as at the previous stage in Rupoldinge, at them it has not turned out. As a result best of representatives bundestim Katyas Vilhelm has settled down on the third place. It is necessary to note phenomenal speed of movement on a line Magdalena Nojner who with four misses has lagged behind from pobedilja all for 55 seconds.
the Norwegian a Torah Berger for which this victory became the first in a season Has won sprint with one miss. The second with eight-second backlog it is rather unexpected to finish the representative of Belarus Darya Domracheva has come.
Anna Bulygin became Best of Russians: only once having been mistaken in a firing line, she has managed to show good speed which has allowed it to finish with the fourth result.
we will notice that long time Ekaterina Jureva was the basic applicant for a victory, however having shot lezhku purely, the Russian has admitted two misses on to a rack also has actually stopped to run. As a result - a place only in third ten.
tomorrow, on January, 23rd, 6 - j the World Cup stage will proceed man`s sprint. On Saturday we are waited by two races of prosecution, and one day later - Anterselve will pass in Antholts of weights - starts.
Antholts - Anterselva (Italy). A World Cup. 6 - j a stage. Women. Sprint. 7,5 km 1. A Torah Berger (Norway) - 21:25. 5 (1 miss)
2. Darya Domracheva (Belarus) - +8. 1 (1)
3. Roll Vilhelm (Germany) - +20. 7 (1)
4. Anna Bulygin (Russia) - +27. 4 (1)
5. Albina Ahatova (Russia) - +30. 2 (1)
14. Yana Romanov (Russia) - +52. 2 (1)
21. Olga Anisimov (Russia) - +1:01. 1 (1)
28. Olga Zajtseva (Russia) - +1:13. 8 (3)
29. Ekaterina Jureva (Russia) - +1:14. 0 (2)