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The Russian biathlonists have won relay race in Italy. VIDEO

Female Russian national team on biathlon has won relay race on 6 - m a World Cup stage in Italy. Russians have surpassed the nearest competitors almost for 1 minute, having managed to win gold medals.
a Russian team as a part of Svetlana Sleptsovoj, Anna Bogaly - Titovets, Natalia Gusevoj and Olga Zajtsevoj has managed to manage on a distance without penal circles and has passed 4 stages on 6 km for 1 hour, 11 minutes and 14 seconds. The Swede using on 1 additional cartridge more, has lagged behind winners for 57 seconds and remained only the second.
the bronze award has got to German national team. Germans had to pass 4 penal circles, and their backlog has made almost 2 and a half a minute.
responsibility was today big, but also a spirit very fighting. When little girls started, at me all missed a bit inside, - has told after Gusev`s finish. -   There was a wind, it was necessary to fulfil purely a rack, but I tried to drive away from myself these thoughts and was adjusted for work. I have pledged today myself a word to reach the first, to die, but to make for this purpose everything, to come the leader. Light has come the first, behind it Anja, of course, it was necessary to go to a separation. When has missed the mark 2 times, has not got agitated. Has told to itself to calm down and work. In extreme situations I try to gather and work, so already was this year .
I Want to tell that it is happy, - quotes Zajtsevu official site SBR. -   We managed to make that it was necessary to make for a long time that was required. I want to tell many thanks to little girls that have fulfilled faultlessly. Perhaps, only towards the end of a distance on last metres has understood that a separation decent and one finished. It is very glad! Very much!
Antholts - Anterselva, Italy.   a World Cup. The sixth stage. Women. Relay race 46 km
1. Russia (Svetlana Sleptsova, Anna Bogaly - Titovets, Natalia Gusev, Olga Zajtseva) - 1:11. 14,7 (0 penal circles + 6 additional cartridges)
2. Sweden (J.Junsson, Zidek, Nilsson, Ekholm) - backlog 57,1 (0 + 7)
3. Germany (Buhholts, Hittser, Gessner, Henkel) - 2. 20,1 (4 +13)