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V.Silakov: Support of Olympians already yields results

Fund of support of Olympians of Russia (founders - 15 leading businessmen, the chairman of the Board of guardians - the president of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev) has finished the program Vancouver - 2010 according to which all sportsmen and all candidates on participation in winter Games received on 45 thousand roubles monthly, and trainers and experts - on 40 thousand roubles.
about value of this program for the sport to Agency of the sports information All sports the president of Federation sannogo sports and naturbana has told Russia Valery Silakov.
Russian sanochniki, probably, more than someone another understand, what it: not to think of a daily bread, - Valery Silakov has smiled. - In this sense we very much neizbalovanny. Especially the difficult period for us was in 90 - e years. Then, I remember, we with Albert Demchenko and taxi drivers earned additionally in the evenings - after trainings. The official salary was - 30 dollars. I now tell about it to the colleagues from Germany or Italy - they do not trust. Ask again: It is your rate was in day or at an o`clock? (laughs). Till now it seems to them that it is a joke. So we very much appreciate grants Fund of support of Olympians of Russia . Because on the experience we understand, how much it is important - to have for the sportsman guaranteed and high enough income .
From grants Fund of support of Olympians of Russia there was also especially material advantage, - Valery Silakov has continued. - we spent the Part of this money for acquisition of details for sledge. Bought them in Austria, Czechia, Latvia.
why spent the money? Because officially, through state financing, it is impossible to make it. Sledge - a product of piece work. In advance you will not plan, how many it is required to you on their equipment and operational development. During any moment there is an idea, contact the person and pay to it from own pocket. It is in the order of things, no heroism here is present. Actually, such expanded possibilities very much have helped with modernisation of sledge of all Russian national team - not only man`s, as earlier, but also female, and juniorskoj. Results of a season you see: Tatyana Ivanov for the first time since 1976 has won the European championship for our country, and Simeon Pavlichenko became the silver prize-winner juniorskogo superiority of the world .