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Scandinavians are the strongest on the Olympic line

In American Solt - Lejk of City where in 2002 there will pass the winter Olympic Games, the World Cup stage on biathlon at men and women has taken place. Rehearsal of the main start chetyrehletija is better it has gone right to representatives of Scandinavia.
men ran 20 km with four firing lines. Norwegian Ole Einar Bjoerndalen has excellent acted. It shot, as always, not so successfully, but has shown tremendous speed on a distance. Despite two misses, he has managed to outstrip at the last minute German Svena Fisher, finishing the second with backlog in 10 seconds. I very much liked a line - the happy winner who has become in 1998 Olympic champions on a distance of 10 km has told.
were both really difficult liftings, and fine descents - he has added. Frenchman Zhjulen Rober became the third. It became the only thing from 92 - uh participants of competitions who has amazed all 20 targets. It was the first podium in career of Robera. Its well-known compatriot, the leader of a World Cup Raphael Puare has simply ruined race and as a result it has appeared only 39 - ym. It has admitted six errors in firing lines and has lagged behind Bjoerndalen for five minutes. Best of Russians, Victor Majgurov, has taken only the eighth place. The double world champion of this year Pavel Rostovtsev - the eleventh.

women competed on 15 - ti a kilometre distance also with four firing lines. The Swede Magdalena Forsberg had not equal again, having amazed all 20 targets. It confidently is in the lead in the general offset of a World Cup which wins annually, since 1997. This victory became already to the third successively for Forsberg and 12 - ym in 18 - ti races of this season. 33 - the summer biathlonist - Bjoerndalen`s complete antithesis. She not too quickly runs, but shoots as the true sniper. Forsberg even itself after race has noticed that perfectly shot.

other Two places on a podium have occupied this time Germans. Martin Tselner has lagged behind the winner for 38 seconds, and Martin Glagov - for a minute and 11 seconds. Russian Svetlana Ishmuratova has come on finish a heel. Its namesake Chernousova has taken the eleventh place. Next year Forsberg is going to arrive to America for four weeks prior to the beginning of the Olympic Games. She very much would like to win also gold of Solt - Lejk of City.