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The World championship in Italy has come to the end the Czech sensation

In Italy the World championship on ski sports has come to the end. Last day tournament by tradition medals vlyzhnom a marathon - man`s race on 50 kilometres were played.
Swedes and Norwegians who always well act on long distances were considered as favourites of race. Certainly, a problem imoblegchila disqualification of Johanna Mjulegga from Spain. Last before it have caught with a dope on the Olympic Games, not shchadilsopernikov on 50 - a kilometre distance. Italians counted on Fulvio Valbuzu. They hoped, what exactly to it udastsjazavoevat for owners the first medal.
as it is known, 50 - kilometre race - the horrible test. Here it is necessary to run not simply as it is possible faster, but iverno to calculate forces. Therefore leadership on first half of Valbuzy did not inspire the big trust. There were assumptions, chtoitaljanets will not sustain rate. And happens. Around 35 - go kilometre at Silvio forces have ended, and it became znachitelnoproigryvat to the competitors. It is interesting that on first half of distance near to the Italian there was a Czech of Kukal, kotoryjproigryval Valbuze of half-minute. However during any moment he has understood that it is necessary to get rid from unnecessary balasta and stremitelnoushel forward. For any two kilometres of Kukal has won back 35 seconds and became the leader.
however to celebrate a victory to the sportsman from Czechia was rather early. Before it very good time showed maloizvestnyjamerikanets Svenson. Behind there were three Swedes - Fredriksson, Sedergren and Brink. Thus it is necessary to consider that the two last byliv very favourable position. They went nearby and in every possible way hung together. Brink lost to the compatriot 30, but such rupture is not too important for a marathon.
the first has not sustained Svenson who has lost to the contenders almost minute on the last 5 kilometres. It proigralfredrikssonu. However Mattias Sedergren and Brink, which at the expense of harmonious actions zanjalisootvetstvenno have in turn bypassed the second and third place. Kukala to catch up they and could not.
Valbuza as a result has appeared only 18 - m, having lost to the winner from Czechia 3 and a half a minute. Eloffson and skilled Norwegian Frozhe Estil which have not got even to 20 best have even worse acted well-known shvedper.
Russians could not repeat Ivanov`s who has won a marathon on the Olympic Games in Solt feat - Lejk - City. Best of ours stalvladimir Viliss which has occupied 17 - e a place.
1. Martin Kukal (Czechia)
2. Anders Sedergren (Sweden)
3. Jorgen Brink (Sweden)
4. Mattias Fredriksson (Sweden)
5. Charles Svenson (USA)