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Frenchmen managed a victorious double

Today in the Finnish Lahti, after yesterday`s female individual race, start among men in similar discipline has taken place. Unique difference that sportsmen should run 20 km. Though if to judge by total result, the difference was not only in it.

for our command ran Maxim Chudov (under 7 - m number), Sergey Rozhkov (11), Nikolay Kruglov (12), Ivan Cherezov (18), Dmitry Jaroshenko (23), Phillip Schulman (26) and Andrey Makoveev (78). In general, all command started with its full complement.

as we already could notice, biathlonists of Russian national team in this season look much better, than biathlonists. That is why, fans had the right to think that somebody from our command will take a place above 21 - go: the best Russian sportswoman was such yesterday.

Chudov, as usual, has behaved oddly on a distance course. Three shots in milk Have left sensation that Maxim can remain also is far outside of first ten. Nikolay Kruglov hardly was more exact and simultaneously - more slowly.

young participants of our command: Phillip Schulman and Sergey Makoveev, naturally, on medals did not count even before start.

Ivan Cherezov and Sergey Rozhkov also have admitted two misses on a distance course. And from - that they have taken place in the first firing lines, numbers of participants of our national team were registered in the report only among 16 best.

but the greatest loser it is necessary to recognise Dmitry Jaroshenko. From the start it seemed that today all for it: Bjoerndalen`s absence which tries to win something in Sapporo, misses ahead of going competitors (Frenchman Puare, Germans of Grajsa, Volf, Fisher, Ryosha, Norwegians of Hanevolda and Andresena) and excellent speed of run. The Russian before the fourth firing line carried to the nearest competitor Raphael Puare about 40 seconds. However 2 not clear misses have once again puzzled. Trainers again should reveal now a root of all problems of our shooting skiers.

Puare who has won " have used such smart gift; gold its compatriot Simon Forkad who has taken the second place, and German Alexander Volf who has won bronze .

Lahti, Finland. A World Cup 06/ 07. 7 - j a stage. Men. Individual race. 20 km
1. Raphael Puare (France) - 56:41. 8 (1 miss)
2. Simon Forkad (France) - backlog +17. 9 (1)
3. Alexander Volf (Germany) - +37. 6 (2)
6. Dmitry Jaroshenko (Russia) - +59. 1 (2)
9. Nikolay Kruglov (Russia) - +1:11. 6 (1)
10. Maxim Chudov (Russia) - +1:12. 7 (3)
13. Sergey Rozhkov (Russia) - +1:25. 7 (2)
24. Ivan Cherezov (Russia) - +3:03. 2 (2)
32. Phillip Schulman (Russia) - +4:11. 1 (3)
35. Sergey Makoveev (Russia) - +4:30. 1 (4)