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Herminator Hermann Mayer in this season has returned definitively

is ready to return on - to the present. Anyway, its results in the season beginning impress. A slalom - the supergiant in Lejk - Louise he has won very convincingly.
Mayer has headed the Austrian break : all four first the places were occupied with the Austrians, from which Herminator was the best. The second place Michael Valhofer has occupied, the third - Shtefan Eberharter, Benjamin Rajh has shown the fourth result.
Mayer`s Result - 1:36,69 seconds. It for 0,26 seconds has outstripped Valhofera which have won on Saturday downhill racing.
as the season only has begun, I am surprised by such result. Did not expect that already from the beginning of a season I will be so is good - Mayer has declared.
the double Olympic champion has literally taken off from starting gate and then only increased the rate. Apparently, the Austrian was completely restored after failure which hardly did not cost to it of a foot in 2001.
I should forget about everything that was before failure. While I not too well feel the right foot that creates to me certain problems in turns. After failure my first problem was to learn to go, then to ski. Now my problem - to type the form - the Austrian has told.
it is not necessary to underestimate Mayer. I saw, how he trains in the supergiant. Today it has proved that has returned on - to the present - has commented on results of a stage of Valhofer.
1. Hermann Mayer (Austria) 1:36,69
2. Michael Valhofer (Austria) 1:36,95
3. Shtefan Eberharter (Austria) 1:37,24