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Gvizdon the Polish biathlonist Magdalena Gvizdon unexpectedly for many has not allowed to win Wilhelm the first victory in a season

became the winner of sprint within the limits of the first stage of a World Cup in Swedish Ostersunde, having left on the second place of a last year`s triumpher of a World Cup of Katya Wilhelm.
best of Russians Tatyana Moiseyev has come to finish of the fourth, having conceded the one tenth seconds Martin Glagov from Germany. And a triumpher of individual race Irina Malgina and at all became the worst among compatriots, having occupied only 62 - e a place.
after a victory Malginoj in the first start of a season, we with impatience expected one more miracle from Russians, but from the start that is called, was not took. Already on the first shooting Irina to whom it was assigned most of all hopes, has admitted three misses that on sprint is inexcusable luxury.
leaders after lezhki have left traditional runners : Magdalena Nojner and Katyas Wilhelms from Germany and Anna`s Swede - Karin Olafsson. Still variety of sportswomen has not admitted a uniform miss and has directed in a pursuit of leaders.
on the second and last gun position in this transient race all should is definitive to clear up. A fatal miss for itself has admitted Wilhelm, having passed forward the Pole Magdalena Gvizdon. Olafsson and Nojner a rack have completely ruined, having missed three and four times accordingly.
the first of leaders on finish has arrived Wilhelm in expectation of results of competitors which have not kept itself waiting long. Gvizdon though and a bit more slowly went on a line, however thanks to faultless shooting has come to finish of the first, having pushed aside the well-known German.
for the third line struggle was developed the serious. Long time for bronze applied Sandrin Bajli, however a surprise the girls starting right at the end and first of all Tatyana Moiseyev have presented.
without having admitted any miss in firing lines, the Russian unexpectedly for many has come to finish of the third and already prepared for congratulations when starting last Martin Glagov on the tenth fraction of a second has overtaken to Moiseyev.
in spite of the fact that medals it was not possible to extract to the Russian girls, nevertheless in sprint it is possible to consider performance successful. After all to very few people hitherto known Moiseyev it could be overcome for medals, and besides will take a favourable place on start in Sunday race of prosecution.

Ostersund (Sweden). A World Cup. Women. Sprint
1. Magdalena Gvizdon (Poland) - 24:05. 0
2. Roll Wilhelm (Germany) - +21. 4
3. Martin Glagov (Germany) - +35. 2
4. Tatyana Moiseyev (Russia) - +35. 3
. 22. Anna Bulygin (Russia) - +1. 39. 9
. 23. Ekaterina Jureva (Russia) - +1. 42. 9
. 36. Olga Anisimov (Russia) - +2. 14. 0
. 40. Anna Sorokin (Russia) - +2. 20. 9
. 51. Natalia Gusev (Russia) - +2. 45. 9
. 62. Irina Malgina (Russia) - +3. 09. 4