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BOBSLED (3 complete sets of medals)

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Bobsled (English - bobsleigh) - downhill racing from mountains on specially equipped ice lines on operated sledge - beans.

the Olympic disciplines

Men: the two, the four
Women: the two


Sledge in bobsled are made of the all-metal case of a streamline shape fixed on two steams of runners - the fads: a lobby - mobile with a wheel and back - motionless with a brake. Use double (two) and four-seater (four) beans. Length of a line - 1500 - 2000 m with one and a half tens bends (the minimum radius - 8), difference of heights - 130 - 150 m.

Till 2002 of competition were spent only among men. On XIX Olympic games 2002 in Solt - Lejk - Cities of the woman have taken part in arrivals of double beans. In each number of the Olympic program the country represents no more than two crews. Places are defined on the sum of time of four arrivals. In each arrival the sequence of start is defined by a toss-up.

the double bean should not be longer 2,7 m and exceed 165 kg, and four-seater 3,8 m and 230 kg cannot be beyond. Besides, the crew weight is limited also: in the two the total weight of sportsmen makes no more than 200 kg, and in the four - 400.


In bobsled the circle of the countries which representatives regularly apply for medals for a long time already is defined. It is Switzerland (the bobsled native land), Germany, Austria, the USA, Canada. If to speak on names it is pilots Martin Annen, Andre Lang, Todd Hejs, Pierre Ljuders.

last two years Russian Alexander Zubkov has rushed into this star company. Among crews - chetverok he twice won a World Cup, the World championship successively, and in the two in this season too became one of leaders.

at women the situation repeats man`s - the USA, Germany, Switzerland. Russians on their background look supernumeraries.

Rezultaty Solt - Lejk - City

Crews - the four. Men

1. Germany - 2

2. The USA - 1

3. The USA - 2

Crews - the two. Women

1. Dzhill Bekken, Vonetta Flauers (USA)

2. Sandra Prokoff, Ulrike Holtsner (Germany)

3. Sjuzi - Liza Erdmann, Nicole Hershmann (Germany)

Crews - the two. Men

1. Kristof Langen, Markus Tsimmermann (Germany)

2. Christian Rajh, Steve Anderhub (Switzerland)

3. Martin Annen, Beat Hefti (Switzerland)

Russian national team

Women: Hope of Orlova, Victoria Tokovaja, Natalia Ivaschenko, Lyudmila Udobkina

Men: Alexey Andrjunin, Alexey Voevoda, Sergey Golubev, Phillip Egors, Alexander Zubkov, Peter Makarchuk, Evgenie Popov, Alexey Seliverstov, Dmitry Stepushkin, the Novel of Hazel groves

bobsleisty have forced to remember Recently ours that in 80 - h years of the last century sportsmen from a national team of the USSR shone on the Olympic Games to Sarajevo and Calgary. It is thought that if in Turin Russians will not win any medal, it will be for all the present shock. Medals both in the two, and in chetverkah at men become success. Whether

you know that

the First-ever bean has appeared in 1904, and has been made of a tree. And 18 years ago in Calgary at competitions on bobsled the national team of Jamaica where and ice is not present snow absolutely debuted.