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In Petersburg to Russians could prevent only Sasha Cohen

In St.-Petersburg the ending of Gran has come to the end At on figure skating. Will of organizers participants of competitions had vsubbotu to spend the second any program. However, to spectators on tribunes of a palace of sports such schedule was only vradost.
Most interesting struggle for the first place passed in female single driving. We will remind that in short programmepervenstvovala American Sasha Cohen. The first any was won by Irina Slutsky who has come out on top. However vsedolzhen was to solve last turn of the programme for which the maximum quantity of points was necessary. Has used svoimshansom Cohen. And the American, and Slutsky have well spent the programs. However Cohen has made hardly more slozhnyhelementov, as arbitrators have estimated.
I could today and better otkatat the program, but all the same I am happy - the American has declared after competitions.
But in other kinds of the program our sportsmen have not given superiority. So, in dances on ice took priority Irina Lobachevai Ilya Averbuh which by tradition were simply magnificent. A little they were conceded by other our fine pair - Tatyana Navkai Roman Kostomarov.
men on the first place still had Evgenie Pljushchenko who has outstripped Ilya Klimkina. Unfortunately, it is unsuccessful on Saturday vystupilnash Alexander Abt who has conceded the third step on a podium to Frenchman Zhuberu.
the Serious competition have met in competitions of pairs Totmjanina and Marinin. However it was possible to all of them opereditkitajsky a duet of Sju Shen - to Honbo Chzhao. Petrov and Tikhonov as a result were the third.
final results
1. Pljushchenko (Russia)
2. Klimkin (Russia)
3. ZHuber (France)
1. Totmjanina - Marinin (Russia)
2. Sju Shen - Honbo Chzhao (China)
3. Petrov - Tikhonov
1. Sasha Cohen (USA)
2. Irina Slutsky (Russia)
3. Shizuka Arakava (Japan)
1. Lobachyov - Averbuh (Russia)
2. Navka - Kostomarov (Russia)
3. Denkova - Stavitsky (Bulgaria)