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Russians have won silver in relay race

Man`s Russian national team has won silver medals in relay race 410 kilometres in the World championship in Japanese Sapporo. Nikolay Pankratov, Vasily Rochev, Alexander Legkov and Evgenie Dementyev on finish have conceded hardly more than three seconds to Norwegians. Bronze medals have got to Swedes.

the forecast of legendary Norwegian Ule - Ajnara Bjoerndalen who said that the destiny of gold awards in man`s relay race will dare on a home straight has come true, however not absolutely. Unique, but rather essential nestykovka consists that for the first place between Dementyev and Swede Anders Sodergrenom business and is not has reached the struggle promised by Bjoerndalen. Fault to all fantastic jerk of Norwegian Petera Nortuga of metres for 100 to treasured line which has turned out so prompt and powerful that to its two to colleagues on in the lead group it was necessary to watch only the happy winner leave.
And it besides that on 4 - m a stage serially headed race Dementyev and Sodergren. Attempts of Nortuga to be kept in group seemed any not too assured, however, as was found out, Peter only pretended that its forces on a limit. On finish the Norwegian has won against the persecutors three and a half a second. As to Dementyev, that, having understood that gold of the Russian national team does not shine any more, Eugene has concentrated on struggle against Sodergrenom and has come out from this uneasy duel by the winner. However, here the account went already on the tenth fractions of a second.
other Russian skiers at the stages also have acted very decently in what without having conceded Norwegians and Swedes and alternately dividing with them leadership. Both Pankratov, and Rochev, and Legkov kept good fellows, having provided Dementyev start from the first place on a solving piece of a distance. However, the separation from persecutors did not exceed one second so to blame Eugene that it has squandered acquired by back-breaking toil of partners on command, the hand does not rise.
we will note also rather successful performance of our neighbours on the post-Soviet territory. The national team of Kazakhstan, some time keeping behind itself 6 - ju a line, as a result all - taki has conceded to its Finns, however, having finished on 7 - m a place, has left behind a number enough rather strong competitors, such as Czechs, Italians, the Austrians and Swisses.
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Sapporo (Japan). The World championship. Men. Relay race 410 km.
1. Norway (Ronning, Helmeset, Berget, Nortug) - 1:30. 49,2

2. Russia (Pankratov, Rochev, Legkov, Dementyev) - +3,2

3. Sweden (Larsson, Fredriksson, Hellner, Sodergren) - +3,5