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E.Jureva intends to get on the World championship

. - But I try to search for the reasons of failures in myself. Most easier to accuse trainers, whether but it is correct?
in sports there is all - victories, defeats. It is important to draw necessary conclusions. There were too many trifles which have affected total result. I hope, trainers will think up something. At all of us - taki in a command an individual approach. We will talk, correct, if necessary something to change.
all speak: last year you have overtrained . But medicine, chemistry has not revealed any overloads. And in general after wild loadings people in sports do not come back. And at us like everything is all right. Means, a problem in other. Perhaps up to the end were not in time to digest volumes. It is necessary to dose out more competently.
we need to add first of all in speed. I here am assured that it it is possible, as well as shooting to train. First of all, for the technics account. Look, as have added Norwegians, Frenchwomen and even Byelorussians. We too try to be improved. Now we are helped by Shtefan, the Austrian professor of biomechanics. It and came one year ago on gathering, but not so is frequent. At it interesting exercises on balance, balance, pushing away. God grant, its knowledge will help.
that I want from a forthcoming season? To get on the World championship. And to return on that level when I stably got to a top - 10 at World Cup stages. Let it will be a problem - a minimum.