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Biathlon. M.Chudov: I am not upset from - for the summer results

In this inter-season period the triple world champion on biathlon Maxim Chudov took part in test starts where has shown not the stablest results twice. To agency of the sports information « All sports » the sportsman has explained, why he not strongly is upset to such state of affairs. « in July in Norwegian Sadnese we took part in festival « Blink » - Maxim &ndash speaks of Wonderful century; So we have won first place in relay race, and I on finish have overtaken Frenchman Simona Furkada. But I would not began to direct attention to these starts especially. All - taki races as that have passed in Sadnese, are more necessary for spectators, for biathlon popularisation. Perhaps costs and to us to the summer championships of Russia to invite sportsmen from - for borders? Then competitions become much more interesting. By the way, to present national championship in Ufa I will prepare and act with full return. To what I will show result is as the card will lay down ». Maxim Chudov also has explained the low results shown on control trainings on recently come to the end gathering in Austrian Obertilliahe. « Really, neither in sprint, nor in prosecution I have not got to a three. But I can tell that has fulfilled those control trainings how it was ready at present. Result of a steel not the fastest speed and errors in a firing line: for example, in sprint I have admitted on two misses on a rack and lezhke. But I am not upset. After all the main starts still ahead. There also results of summer work » will be visible; - Maxim has smiled of Wonderful century