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JAgudinu the delay for some weeks

is given Alexey Jagudinu it is necessary to have a rest from three about six weeks. Such recommendation to the Olympic champion dalivrachi, informs AR. After that they can start treatment of a trauma of a hip which threatens karerefigurista. Trainer Jagudina Tatyana Tarasova has declared that the trauma disturbs him literally since a birth. “ I pokane know that will be further. At first he will have a rest from three about six weeks and that will be then - we do not know “ - has declared Tarasova.

Also Tarasova has told that that Jagudin can start to train right after how this period of rest will end very hopes. The figure skater has in a fit of temper told that will finish career from - for this traumas.

Jagudin has felt a severe pain after otkatal the short program on Skate America. Korotkujuprogrammu he has won, but then has acted in film from competition. It is compelled to pass and Skate Canada.

On a press - conferences in the USA Jagudin has told that already at a birth at it serious defect voblasti the right hip has been found. The articulate bag not completely covers a bone that causes constant irritation. Doctors said all time to it that even if it becomes the figure skater, a problem all the same sooner or later dasto to itself(himself) the nobility.

from - for constant overloads of complication have arisen much earlier, than doctors predicted. “ I nikogdane could present to myself that problems will arise already in 22 years, - Alexey speaks. - during the last 18λες I was engaged only in figure skating and anything else. To me simply does not come to mind that delatdalshe. To tell the truth, I more am able nothing “.

the Situation with a hip is aggravated with that no injections are capable to appease a pain. Cannot znachitelnouluchshit position and surgical intervention. Doctors will try to replace to it an articulate bag, nonikto any guarantees does not give. In the near future Jagudin intends to continue consultations with vedushchimispetsialistami to Russia and the USA.