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Kruglov has lost to Bjoerndalen, but Ole Einar Bjoerndalen has won against Puare

has decided to select this year a title of the winner of a World Cup on biathlon at Frenchman Raphael Puare. And the beginning is necessary to it. The Norwegian has won the first start of a season - sprint on 1 - m a World Cup stage.
as a matter of fact, Bjoerndalen also was the main favourite of the first competition. After all the stage passes in the homeland of the biathlonist - in Norway. And Ole - Einar has not deceived hopes of the fans.
for all race the well-known Norwegian has admitted one miss that is powerful enough in sprint, but in run now hardly someone from biathlonists can compete to jet Bjoerndalen. So the Norwegian not only has overtaken for the contenders, but also has overtaken them.
could not keep up with the owner of competitions and Russian Nikolay Kruglov. 23 - the summer biathlonist from Russia has not admitted any miss in two firing lines, but speed has brought it. As a result it finished on for 18 seconds later Ole - Einar.
we will notice that Kruglov`s second result - the big good luck. The Russian even managed to overtake the last year`s winner of a World Cup of Puare. The Frenchman has obviously handed over on last circle and has passed forward Kruglov. As a result of Puare only the third.
Sergey Chepikov finished 5 - m, Sergey Rozhkov - 8 - m.
Men. Sprint. 10 km
1. Ole Einar Bjoerndalen (Norway) - 22. 30,3 (0+1 miss)
2. Nikolay Kruglov (Russia) - backlog 18,5 (0+0)
3. Raphael Puare (France) - 26,4 (0+0)
4. Sven Fisher (Germany) - 39,7 (0+0)
5. Sergey Chepikov (Russia) - 45,7 (0+0)
8. Sergey Rozhkov (Russia) - 48,5 (0+0)
26. Phillip Schulman (Russia) - 1. 39,8 (2+0)
50. Ivan Cherezov (Russia) - 2. 14,9 (2+0)
54. Dmitry Jaroshenko (Russia) - 2. 26,4 (1+2)
57. Sergey Konovalov (Russia) - 2. 31,3 (2+1)